Artists' Campaign

To Repeal The Eighth Amendment

"The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland, Article 40.3.3 inserted in 1983, has prevented our doctors and our legislators from providing proper care to women in Ireland.

The resulting physical and emotional trauma inflicted on women is inexcusable and an ongoing cause of shame for Irish citizens.

The Eighth Amendment undermines the status of the Irish Constitution. It is a key source of Ireland’s failure to reach international human rights standards and of the state’s failure to meet its obligations to vindicate women’s human rights.

We, the undersigned artists, call for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution and for action by our elected legislators to provide women in Ireland with modern reproductive health services in line with best medical practice and international human rights norms."
As of 18th April 2017, 3,061 artists have signed the Artists' Campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment's statement.


Ann Russell (Theatre)
Nichola Mac Evilly (Film and Television)
Gerry Carew (Visual Arts)
Loretto Cooney (Visual Arts)
Donnacha Dennehy (Music)
Mairin Johnston (Literature)
déirdre ní mhathúna (Visual Arts)
Rosa Abbott (Visual Arts)
Eilis Abbott (Film and Television)
Lenny Abrahamson (Film and Television)
Jody Ackland (Music)
Ciaran Adamson
Leticia Agudo (Film and Television)
cathy ahearne (Music)
Jennifer Ahern
Sheila Ahern (Film and Television)
Bobby Aherne (Music)
Eavan Aiken (Film and Television)
Lute Al Raad (Visual Arts)
Bassam Al-Sabah (Visual Arts)
Sinead Aldridge (Visual Arts)
Deirdre Ambrose (Visual Arts)
Meunier Amélie
Darran Anderson (Literature)
Isobel Anderson (Music)
Mary Anderson
Debora Ando (Visual Arts)
henneke andreae (Visual Arts)
rachel andrews (Literature)
Daniel Annett (Literature)
Saoirse Anton (Theatre)
Angelina Arcari (Visual Arts)
Robert Arkins (Music)
Robert Arkins (Music)
Robert Armstrong (Visual Arts)
Aileen Armstrong (Literature)
Sheila Armstrong (Literature)
Morgan Art (Visual Arts)
Leigh Arthur (Music)
Louise asmal (Literature)
Annie Atkins (Film and Television)
Katherine Atkinson (Music)
Marc Atkinson (Theatre)
Kelly Atkinson (Film and Television)
Sam Atwell (Film and Television)
Celeste Auge (Literature)
Jennifer Aust (Theatre)
Gareth Averill (Film and Television)
Victoria Ayiotis (Theatre)
Robert Babington (Literature)
Sam Bachy (Visual Arts)
Veronica Bagnall (Theatre)
Rachel Baker
Vanessa Baker-Murray (Literature)
Sarah Baldwin (Visual Arts)
Marian Balfe (Visual Arts)
Robert Ballagh (Visual Arts)
John Banville (Literature)
Annie Barclay (Film and Television)
Sarah Barr (Film and Television)
Sarah Barragry (Film and Television)
Sheena Barrett (Visual Arts)
Olive Barrett (Visual Arts)
John Barrett (Visual Arts)
Clare Barrett (Theatre)
Kevin Barrington (Literature)
Caolán Barron (Visual Arts)
Meghan Barry
Aideen Barry (Visual Arts)
Gerald Barry (Music)
Kevin Barry (Literature)
Sebastian Barry (Literature)
Cian Barry (Film and Television)
Shane Barry (Music)
Orla Barry (Visual Arts)
Faolán Bashford (Visual Arts)
Sara Baume (Literature)
Sarah Baxter (Theatre)
Patrick Baxter (Film and Television)
Sylvia Beatley (Theatre)
David Beattie (Visual Arts)
Kate Beaufoy (Literature)
Tinka Bechert (Visual Arts)
margaret becker (Visual Arts)
Emma Bedford (Music)
Bernadette Beecher (Visual Arts)
James Behan (Visual Arts)
Helen Behan (Film and Television)
Claire Behan (Visual Arts)
Anna Belitskaya (Literature)
Eleanor Bell (Film and Television)
Lian Bell (Theatre)
Angel Bello Cortes (Music)
David Ben Mark
Claire-Louise Bennett (Literature)
Ciaran Bennett (Visual Arts)
FERRAN Benoît (Visual Arts)
Carmel Benson (Visual Arts)
Kian Benson Bailes (Visual Arts)
Shannon Bergin (Visual Arts)
Zia Bergin-Holly (Theatre)
Irene Berkery (Visual Arts)
Kayleigh berry (Visual Arts)
Mike Berry
Pauline Bewick (Visual Arts)
Sinead Bhreathnach Cashell (Visual Arts)
Terence Birch (Visual Arts)
Muireann Bird (Theatre)
Simon Bird (Music)
Claire Bird
Valerie Bistany (Literature)
Donna Black (Visual Arts)
Roisin Blade (Visual Arts)
Grainne Blair (Literature)
Gerry Blake (Visual Arts)
Mick Blake (Music)
Robbie Blake (Music)
Stephen Blake (Visual Arts)
Helen G Blake (Visual Arts)
Alanna Blake (Visual Arts)
Martin Blake (Film and Television)
Aaron Blake O'Connell (Film and Television)
Iwona Blasi (Visual Arts)
Claire Blennerhassett (Theatre)
Paul Bloof (Visual Arts)
Hannah Bloom (Visual Arts)
muirne bloomer (Dance)
Daina Bluzmane
Pat Boden (Visual Arts)
Val Bogan (Visual Arts)
Keith Bogue (Film and Television)
Roisin Bohan (Visual Arts)
Richard Bohan Martin (Music)
Eavan Boland (Literature)
Fióna Bolger (Literature)
David Bolger (Dance)
Patrick Bolger (Visual Arts)
Dermot Bolger (Literature)
Robert Bonham (Visual Arts)
Catron Booker (Visual Arts)
John Boorman (Film and Television)
Timothy Booth (Visual Arts)
Sarah Jayne Booth (Visual Arts)
john booth (Visual Arts)
Pat Boran (Literature)
Michael Boran (Visual Arts)
Eddie Bosano-Andrews
Rossella Bottone (Music)
Eva Bourke (Literature)
Eva Bourke (Literature)
Simon Bourke (Music)
Ruth Bourke (Visual Arts)
Cecile BOURNE FARRELL (Visual Arts)
Ayoma Bowe
Lucy Bowen (Visual Arts)
niamh boyce (Literature)
leo boyd (Visual Arts)
clodagh boyd (Visual Arts)
Meadhbh Boyd (Music)
Elizabeth Boyland (Literature)
Simon Boyle (Theatre)
Neal Boyle (Film and Television)
Timothy Boyle (Music)
Dermot Boyle (Film and Television)
Joanne Boyle (Visual Arts)
Paul Boyle (Literature)
Meadhbh Boyle
Oddie Braddell (Film and Television)
Oddie Braddell (Film and Television)
Evan Bradley (Literature)
Harry Bradley (Music)
Tammy Bradley (Visual Arts)
Rebecca Bradley (Visual Arts)
Rebecca Bradley (Visual Arts)
Charlotte Bradley (Theatre)
Orla Brady (Film and Television)
Jenny Brady (Visual Arts)
glen Brady (Music)
Paul Brady (Music)
Jenny Brady (Visual Arts)
john brady (Visual Arts)
Stephen Brandes (Visual Arts)
Kate Brangan (Visual Arts)
John Brazil
Francis Breen (Theatre)
Dermot Breen (Music)
Deirdre Breen (Visual Arts)
Ann Brehony (Film and Television)
Kate Brennan (Theatre)
Sabina Brennan (Film and Television)
Ruadhri Brennan (Visual Arts)
Monica Brennan
Ena Brennan (Music)
Maria Brennan (Visual Arts)
Cecily Brennan (Visual Arts)
Emer Brennan (Visual Arts)
Lorraine Brennan
George Brennan (Music)
Jennifer Brennan (Visual Arts)
Dylan Brennan (Literature)
Aine Brennan (Visual Arts)
Orla Breslin (Visual Arts)
Lucy Briers (Theatre)
Síomha Brock (Music)
Keith Broni (Visual Arts)
Christine Brookes
tina brooks (Visual Arts)
Catherine Brophy (Literature)
Ruth Brophy (Visual Arts)
molly brown (Visual Arts)
Laura Brown (Visual Arts)
Patrick j Brown (Music)
Niamh Brown (Visual Arts)
Caitlin Brown (Visual Arts)
Noelle Brown (Theatre)
Eamonn Brown (Visual Arts)
Andrew Brown (Visual Arts)
Eanna Brown (Music)
Gemma Browne (Visual Arts)
Michelle Browne (Visual Arts)
Sarah Browne (Visual Arts)
Katie Buchanan (Visual Arts)
merritt bucholz (Architecture)
Paul Buckley (Literature)
Siobhan Buckley (Visual Arts)
David Buckley (Film and Television)
Irene Buckley (Music)
John Buckley (Visual Arts)
Declan Buckley (Film and Television)
Laura Buckley (Visual Arts)
john buckley
Fala Buggy (Visual Arts)
Cecilia Bullo (Visual Arts)
Arthur Burgess (Visual Arts)
Paul Burgess (Music)
Cian Burke (Visual Arts)
mary Burke (Visual Arts)
Cathal Burke (Visual Arts)
Amy Burke (Theatre)
Cathy Burke (Visual Arts)
Sophie Burke (Film and Television)
Karl Burke (Visual Arts)
Rachel Burke (Dance)
Dee Burke (Theatre)
Tony Burke Jnr (Music)
Neil Burkey (Literature)
Leslie Burton (Theatre)
Michele Burton (Film and Television)
Paddy Bushe (Literature)
john butler (Film and Television)
Jo Anne Butler (Architecture)
Alan Butler (Visual Arts)
Alice Butler (Film and Television)
Jade Butler (Visual Arts)
louise butler (Visual Arts)
Deirdre Buttimer (Visual Arts)
Susan Buttner (Visual Arts)
Gerard Byrne (Visual Arts)
Denis Byrne (Architecture)
Ruth Byrne (Visual Arts)
Shane Daniel Byrne (Theatre)
Richard Byrne (Music)
Áine Byrne (Visual Arts)
Keith Byrne
Deirdre Byrne (Visual Arts)
Michelle Byrne (Visual Arts)
Bob Byrne (Visual Arts)
Fiona Byrne (Visual Arts)
Conor Byrne (Music)
Gerard Byrne (Visual Arts)
Stephen Byrne
Luke Byrne (Film and Television)
Keith Byrne (Visual Arts)
Fergus Byrne (Visual Arts)
Rachel Byrne (Visual Arts)
Gabriel Byrne (Film and Television)
Ellen Byrne (Visual Arts)
Oisin Byrne (Visual Arts)
Michele Byrne (Visual Arts)
Andy Byrne (Film and Television)
john byrne (Visual Arts)
Alison Byrne (Visual Arts)
Tony Byrne (Music)
Mary Byrne (Literature)
Karen Byrne (Film and Television)
Ray Byrne (Visual Arts)
Aoife Byrne (Visual Arts)
Megan Byrne (Film and Television)
Christina Byrne (Film and Television)
Denise Byrne
Pauline Cadell (Film and Television)
Pauline Cadell (Theatre)
Sonja Cadogan (Music)
Elizabeth Caffrey (Visual Arts)
Mary Caffrey (Film and Television)
Michelle Cahill (Dance)
Mary T Cahill-Kennedy
june caldwell (Literature)
louise c. callaghan (Literature)
Jack Callan (Music)
Naoise Roo Callan (Music)
Sylvia Callan (Visual Arts)
David Callan (Visual Arts)
sheila campana
Kimberley Campanello (Literature)
Triona Campbell (Film and Television)
Emma Campbell (Visual Arts)
Finnula Campbell (Visual Arts)
Evelyn Campbell (Music)
Laura Canavan-Hayes (Film and Television)
Nina Cannell (Visual Arts)
Caroline Canning (Visual Arts)
Lauryn Canny (Film and Television)
Margarita Cappock (Visual Arts)
Susan Carabine
Emma Carass (Visual Arts)
Aoife Carberry (Visual Arts)
Helen Carey (Visual Arts)
Jen Carey (Film and Television)
Declan Carey (Music)
Becca Carey (Visual Arts)
Alma Carey-Zuniga (Literature)
Kate Carlton-Reditt (Literature)
Leon Carney
Sean Carpio (Music)
Eileen Carpio O'Connor (Music)
Maire Carr (Music)
Richard Carr (Visual Arts)
Margo Carr (Film and Television)
peter carr (Film and Television)
Hugh Carr (Theatre)
Angela Carr (Literature)
Alvy Carragher (Literature)
Eoghan Carrick (Theatre)
Laragh Mai Carrigan (Theatre)
Sophie Carrol-Hunt (Visual Arts)
David Carroll (Film and Television)
Danny Carroll (Music)
Ruth Carroll (Visual Arts)
Miriam Carroll (Visual Arts)
Naomi Carson (Visual Arts)
Andrew Carson (Visual Arts)
megan carter
Adrian Carty (Film and Television)
Christina Carty (Film and Television)
Lauren Carville (Theatre)
lisa carville (Film and Television)
Daragh Carville (Theatre)
Philip Casey (Literature)
Elaine Casey (Architecture)
Iseult Casey
Gina Casey (Film and Television)
maude casey (Literature)
Laurie Casey (Visual Arts)
Barry Casey (Theatre)
Paul Casey (Literature)
Aoife Casey (Visual Arts)
Klancy Casey Williams (Theatre)
Klancy Casey Williams (Theatre)
Steve Cash (Film and Television)
Seamus Cashman (Literature)
Wally Cassidy (Visual Arts)
Emer Cassidy (Theatre)
Gib Cassidy (Music)
Francesca Castellano
simona castelli (Architecture)
Jessie Castle (Architecture)
Jota Castro (Visual Arts)
Paola Catizone (Visual Arts)
Mary Caulfield
Serena Caulfield (Visual Arts)
Luana Cavalcanti (Visual Arts)
Federico Cavallini (Visual Arts)
Eithne Cavanagh (Literature)
Allan Cavanagh (Visual Arts)
Fiona Cawley (Visual Arts)
Síle Céitinn
Valeria Ceregini
Magdalena Cernadas (Film and Television)
Colin Chadwick
Hugh Chaloner (Film and Television)
Sarah chambers
Helen Chandler (Literature)
Joe Chester (Music)
Paola Chianese (Theatre)
Lucia Chisholm (Film and Television)
Vaari Claffey (Visual Arts)
Eppie Claffey
Sarah Clancy (Literature)
Andrew Clancy (Architecture)
Conor Clancy (Music)
Sean Clancy (Music)
Siobhán Clancy (Visual Arts)
Maeve Clancy (Visual Arts)
Mark Clare (Visual Arts)
Mark Clare (Visual Arts)
Suzanne Clarke
Helena Clarke (Film and Television)
Ciaran Clarke
Margaret Clarke
Rhona Clarke (Music)
Jane Clarke (Literature)
RM Clarke (Literature)
Alan Clarke (Visual Arts)
Dearbhla Clarke (Visual Arts)
Phil Clarke (Music)
Nuala Clarke (Visual Arts)
Phil Clarke (Music)
Chris Clarke (Visual Arts)
Choy-Ping Clarke-Ng (Visual Arts)
Moya Clarken
Jann Clavadetscher (Film and Television)
Christine Clear (Literature)
Suzanne Clear (Dance)
Andrea Cleary (Theatre)
Siobhan Cleary (Music)
Martina Cleary (Visual Arts)
Nathalie Clement (Film and Television)
Ruth Clinton (Visual Arts)
Tom Clonan (Literature)
Helena Close (Literature)
Sharon Coade (Theatre)
Geraldine Coakley
Dylan Coburn Gray (Theatre)
Sarah Codd (Visual Arts)
Nicholi Cody
Vicki Cody (Visual Arts)
Denise Cody
Emma Coen (Theatre)
Kieran Coghlan
Damian Coleman
owen colgan (Visual Arts)
Michael Colgan (Theatre)
Mary Coll (Literature)
Sorcha Coller (Music)
laura collier (Visual Arts)
Suzanne Collins (Visual Arts)
Robby Collins (Visual Arts)
Ann Collins
Amanda Collins (Theatre)
Orla Collins (Visual Arts)
Emma Collins (Architecture)
Denis Collins (Literature)
Brid Collins (Visual Arts)
Penelope Collins (Visual Arts)
Chris Collins (Visual Arts)
Susan Collins (Theatre)
Jack Collins (Visual Arts)
Julia Collins (Film and Television)
Niki Colllier (Visual Arts)
Nicola Colton (Visual Arts)
Jenny Comerford (Visual Arts)
helen comerford (Visual Arts)
Annabelle Comyn (Theatre)
Donal Conaty (Literature)
Clare Conboy Stephenson (Visual Arts)
Pamela Condell (Visual Arts)
Colin Condon (Theatre)
Declan Conlon (Theatre)
Evelyn Conlon (Literature)
Mary Conlon (Visual Arts)
Melissa Conlon-Flynn (Visual Arts)
Alison Conneely
Jen Connell (Music)
Charlie Connelly (Literature)
Susan Connolly (Visual Arts)
Carol Anne Connolly (Visual Arts)
Gary Connolly (Visual Arts)
Maeve Connolly (Visual Arts)
Valerie Connor (Visual Arts)
Amanda Elena Conrad (Visual Arts)
Simon george conran (Film and Television)
Deirdre Conroy (Architecture)
neili conroy (Theatre)
Laragh Conroy (Visual Arts)
Amy Conroy (Theatre)
Maureen Considine (Visual Arts)
Ronan Considine (Music)
June Considine (Literature)
Carol Conway (Theatre)
Jamie Conway (Architecture)
Sian Conway (Literature)
Thomas Conway (Theatre)
jim Conway (Music)
ceara conway (Visual Arts)
Amanda Coogan (Visual Arts)
Michelle Coogan (Visual Arts)
Greg Coogan
Julia Cooke (Visual Arts)
Tadhg Cooke (Music)
Suzi Coombs (Visual Arts)
David Coonan (Music)
Niamh Cooney (Visual Arts)
Hugh Cooney (Visual Arts)
ann cooney (Visual Arts)
Donna Cooney (Visual Arts)
Lauren Corbet (Visual Arts)
Gavin Kostick (Theatre)
Gavin Corbett (Literature)
Evelyn Corcoran (Visual Arts)
Aoife Corcoran
Sarah Corcoran (Film and Television)
Sinéad Cormack (Theatre)
Garrett Cormican (Visual Arts)
Avril Corroon (Visual Arts)
Frank Corry (Visual Arts)
Margarita Corscadden (Theatre)
Aoife Cosgrave
Elaine Cosgrove (Literature)
Sinead Cosgrove
Aedín Cosgrove (Theatre)
Ed Costello (Music)
Mary Costello (Literature)
Patrick Cotter (Literature)
Lisa Cotter
Maud Cotter (Visual Arts)
Joanne Couch (Visual Arts)
Susan Coughlan
Mary Coughlan (Music)
Trevor Coulahan (Visual Arts)
Riann Coulter (Visual Arts)
Maeve Coulter (Visual Arts)
Kate Courtney
Stephanie Courtney (Theatre)
Aoife Courtney (Theatre)
gar cox (Music)
Lisa Cox
Roisin Coyle (Visual Arts)
Gary Coyle (Visual Arts)
Stephen Coyle (Music)
Killian Coyle (Theatre)
Andrea Coyne (Film and Television)
Michelle Coyne (Literature)
Paul Gardner Craig
Sadie Cramer (Visual Arts)
Ellen Cranitch (Music)
Robert Craven (Literature)
Lorien Crawford (Visual Arts)
Eilis Crean (Visual Arts)
Tom Creed (Theatre)
Geraldine Creed (Film and Television)
Mary Cremin (Visual Arts)
Barry Crimmins (Film and Television)
siobhan cronin
Dorothy Cross (Visual Arts)
Sarah Crossan (Visual Arts)
Anne Crossey (Visual Arts)
Laura Crotty (Visual Arts)
Colin Crotty (Visual Arts)
Maria Crowe (Film and Television)
Kim Crowley (Visual Arts)
Grace Cuddihy
Niall Cuddy (Music)
Miriam Cuddy (Visual Arts)
Sarah Cullen (Visual Arts)
Catherine Ann Cullen (Literature)
Grace Cullen (Literature)
Helen Cullen (Literature)
Michael Cullen (Visual Arts)
Daniel Cullen (Film and Television)
Lynda Cullen (Music)
Colette Cullen (Theatre)
Siobhán Cullen (Theatre)
Shane Cullen (Visual Arts)
Timoth Cullen (Music)
Ryan Cullen
Jim Culleton (Theatre)
Liz Cullinane (Visual Arts)
Cindy Cummings (Dance)
Simon Cummins (Visual Arts)
james Cummins (Literature)
Alyson Cummins (Theatre)
Daisy Cummins (Film and Television)
Sue Cunliffe (Visual Arts)
Dee Cunniffe (Visual Arts)
Roisin Cunningham (Visual Arts)
Fiona Cunningham (Film and Television)
Alan Cunningham (Literature)
Jennifer Cunningham (Visual Arts)
Grainne Curley
Patrick Karl Curley (Literature)
Mark Curran (Visual Arts)
Ciara Curran (Visual Arts)
Patricia Curran (Visual Arts)
Anne Curran (Visual Arts)
Jemma Curran (Theatre)
Lee Currid (Film and Television)
Adrian Curry (Music)
Maeve Curtis (Visual Arts)
Tony Curtis (Literature)
julie cusack (Visual Arts)
Joe Cusack (Music)
Angela Cuthill
Simon Cutts
Tim Czerniak (Music)
Klandestyne D&B (Music)
Margaretta D'Arcy (Literature)
Kathy D'Arcy (Literature)
Madeleine D'Arcy (Literature)
Kathryn Daily (Literature)
Nuala Dalton (Music)
caroline dalton (Visual Arts)
Michelle Dalton (Visual Arts)
Peter Daly (Theatre)
Jane Daly (Visual Arts)
Martha Daly (Visual Arts)
Rebecca Daly
Naomi Daly (Theatre)
Liam Daly (Visual Arts)
Rebecca Daly (Film and Television)
Cecilia Danell (Visual Arts)
Stevie Darcy (Music)
Colin Darke (Visual Arts)
Jennifer Davidson (Film and Television)
Janine Davidson (Visual Arts)
Alan Davis
Niamh Davis (Visual Arts)
Roisin Davis (Literature)
Katy Davis (Film and Television)
Sarah Davis-Goff (Literature)
mike davoren (Visual Arts)
Sandra Davoren (Visual Arts)
Ann Davoren (Visual Arts)
Luiza De Almeida (Film and Television)
Niamh de Barra (Music)
Orlagh De Bhaldraithe (Theatre)
Jeda de Brí (Film and Television)
Orla De Brí (Visual Arts)
Pamela de Brí (Visual Arts)
Róisín De Buitléar (Visual Arts)
Róisín De Buitléar (Visual Arts)
Niall de Buitlear (Visual Arts)
Aindriú De Buitléir (Music)
Miriam de Búrca (Visual Arts)
Aingeala De Burca (Music)
Demelza de Burca
Ella de Burca (Visual Arts)
Chloé De Buyl (Dance)
Maya de Freitas (Theatre)
Leo de Freyne (Visual Arts)
Paul de Grae (Music)
Sinéad De hÓra (Visual Arts)
Kevin de la Isla (Film and Television)
Raymond Deane (Music)
John F.Deane (Literature)
Seamus Deane (Literature)
Katherine Deane
Jane Deasy (Theatre)
Seamus Deasy (Film and Television)
Rebecca Deegan (Visual Arts)
Loughlin Deegan (Theatre)
Finbar Deery (Visual Arts)
Bridget Deevy (Theatre)
Michelle Deignan (Visual Arts)
Padraic Delaney (Film and Television)
Loraine Delaney (Dance)
Sinéad Delaney (Visual Arts)
Anita Delaney (Visual Arts)
James Delaney
Justine Delaney Wilson (Literature)
Bonnie Dempsey (Film and Television)
Michael Dempsey (Visual Arts)
damien dempsey (Music)
Sheena Dempsey (Literature)
Kate Dempsey (Literature)
violet dempsey (Visual Arts)
Brendan Dempsey (Film and Television)
Lynn-Marie Dennehy (Visual Arts)
David Dennehy
Vincent Dermody (Music)
John Dermody (Music)
Aoife Dermody (Music)
Danielle Desio
Ellen Desmond
Eoghan Desmond (Music)
Brian Desmond (Theatre)
Alan Devally (Theatre)
Kieran Devaney (Literature)
Lynda Devenney (Visual Arts)
Padraig Dever (Music)
Ger Devine (Music)
Casey Devlin
Martina Devlin (Literature)
Katherine Devlin
Vivienne Dick (Film and Television)
Kate Dick (Visual Arts)
Sally Polly Dickson (Visual Arts)
Els Dietvorst (Film and Television)
Joyce Dignam (Theatre)
Jean Dillon (Visual Arts)
Patricia Dillon
Julie dillon (Music)
Sinead Dinneen (Visual Arts)
M-A djeribi (Visual Arts)
Willie Doherty (Visual Arts)
Shevaun Doherty (Visual Arts)
Donna-Marie Doherty
Helen Doherty
Alan Doherty (Music)
Brian Doherty (Theatre)
Ben Dolan (Visual Arts)
David Dolan (Literature)
Naoise Dolan (Visual Arts)
Christina Dolphin (Music)
Paddy Donaghy (Visual Arts)
Neil Donegan (Film and Television)
Patrick Donlon (Visual Arts)
Karen Donnellan (Visual Arts)
polly Donnellan (Visual Arts)
Noel Donnellon (Film and Television)
Jennette Donnelly (Visual Arts)
Luke Donnelly (Visual Arts)
Emma Donoghue (Literature)
Ruairi Donovan (Dance)
Anna Donovan (Visual Arts)
Katie Donovan (Literature)
Alisha Doody (Visual Arts)
Stephen Doohan (Music)
jane doolan (Film and Television)
Lelia Doolan (Film and Television)
Michael Dooley (Literature)
Caroline Doolin (Visual Arts)
Annie Doona
Ruth Doorley
Miriam Doran (Visual Arts)
mary dorcey (Literature)
Theo Dorgan (Literature)
Dagmar Döring (Film and Television)
Michelle Doule
Caoimhe Dowd (Visual Arts)
Aoife Dowdall (Music)
Nicole Dowley (Theatre)
Oliver Dowling (Visual Arts)
Rachael Dowling (Theatre)
Danny Dowling (Visual Arts)
Marketa Dowling
Sinead Dowling (Visual Arts)
Dan Dowling (Literature)
Sarah Downey (Visual Arts)
Millicent Doyle (Theatre)
David Doyle (Theatre)
Maria Doyle
Roger Doyle (Music)
Maria Doyle
Anne Doyle (Theatre)
Jeanette Doyle (Visual Arts)
clyde doyle (Visual Arts)
Michelle Doyle (Visual Arts)
Helena Doyle (Visual Arts)
Sarah Doyle
Andy Doyle (Theatre)
Devin Doyle (Film and Television)
Paul Doyle (Theatre)
Paul Doyle (Theatre)
Cliona Doyle (Visual Arts)
Jessie Doyle (Theatre)
Maria Doyle Kennedy (Music)
Rowena Dring (Visual Arts)
Valerie Driscoll (Visual Arts)
miranda driscoll
Michiel Drost (Visual Arts)
Katherine Drury (Theatre)
Aoife Duffin (Theatre)
Eleanor Duffin (Visual Arts)
Joyce Duffy (Visual Arts)
Gillian Duffy (Visual Arts)
Ellen Duffy (Visual Arts)
Martin Duffy (Film and Television)
Rita Duffy (Visual Arts)
Mags Duffy (Visual Arts)
Ronan Duffy
Ciaran Duffy (Film and Television)
Gary Duggan (Theatre)
Alan Duggan (Music)
Nora Duggan (Visual Arts)
john Duigenan (Visual Arts)
angie duignan (Visual Arts)
Brid Dukes (Theatre)
Daragh Dukes (Music)
Cliona Dukes (Theatre)
Hilary Dully (Film and Television)
Susan DuMars (Literature)
Seamus dunbar (Visual Arts)
adrian dunbar (Theatre)
Jane Dunn (Visual Arts)
Margie Dunne (Visual Arts)
Shaun Dunne (Theatre)
Caoilfhionn Dunne (Theatre)
Brid Dunne (Music)
James Dunne (Visual Arts)
Catherine Dunne (Literature)
Eoghan Dunne (Visual Arts)
Stephen Dunne (Visual Arts)
Rebecca Dunne (Visual Arts)
Clare Dunne (Theatre)
Eileen Dunne
Pia Dunne (Music)
Aisling Dunne (Visual Arts)
Ruth Dunne (Music)
Ed Dunne
Nick Dunning (Film and Television)
Hazel Dunphy (Theatre)
Sarah Durcan (Theatre)
Sarah Durcan (Visual Arts)
Paul Durcan (Literature)
Elena Durey (Visual Arts)
Kevin Dwan (Theatre)
Grace Dyas (Theatre)
Veronica Dyas (Theatre)
Kamila Dydyna (Film and Television)
David Eager Maher (Visual Arts)
Alan Early (Literature)
charlie easterfield (Visual Arts)
Si Edwards (Film and Television)
Susan Edwards (Visual Arts)
Felim Egan (Visual Arts)
amie egan
John Patrick Egan (Music)
Hazel Egan (Visual Arts)
Millie Egan (Visual Arts)
Aleana Egan (Visual Arts)
michael egan (Theatre)
Bruce Egar
Nathalie El Baba (Visual Arts)
Luke Elle (Visual Arts)
Philip Elliott (Literature)
Neva Elliott (Visual Arts)
Emily Elphinstone (Theatre)
Naomi Elster (Literature)
Anne Enright (Literature)
Julian Erskine (Theatre)
Martina Evans (Literature)
Charlotte Evans (Theatre)
peter evers (Visual Arts)
David Fagan (Visual Arts)
Paul Fagan (Theatre)
Naomi Fagan (Film and Television)
cleo fagan (Visual Arts)
Pádraig Fagan (Film and Television)
Leeanne Fagan
Peter Fahey (Music)
Cait Fahey (Visual Arts)
Claire Faithorn (Visual Arts)
Nancy Falkow (Music)
Grainne Fallon
Rebecca Fallon (Architecture)
Rachel Fallon (Visual Arts)
Hilary Fannin (Theatre)
Rob Farhat (Music)
Rob Farhat (Music)
Ellen Farnan (Film and Television)
Cara Farnan (Visual Arts)
Jeanette Farrell (Literature)
Conor Farrell (Literature)
Enagh Farrell
Caroline Farrell (Film and Television)
Denis Farrell (Visual Arts)
Niamh Farrell (Music)
Síobhra Farrell (Visual Arts)
Connie Farrell (Film and Television)
Dan Farrelly (Visual Arts)
Nigel Farrelly (Music)
Marie Farrington (Visual Arts)
Oliver Farry (Literature)
Diego Fasciati (Theatre)
Orlagh Fawl (Theatre)
Orlagh Fawl (Theatre)
Brian Fay (Visual Arts)
Brian Fay (Visual Arts)
Lauren Fee (Film and Television)
Dominic Fee (Visual Arts)
Elaine Feeney (Literature)
Amanda Feery (Music)
Charlotte Feigelbinder
Diane Felske
Simon Fennessy Corcoran (Visual Arts)
Mikael Fernstrom (Music)
Aileen Ferris (Dance)
Rachel Feury (Visual Arts)
Anne Ffrench (Visual Arts)
Solomon Fine Art (Visual Arts)
Lisa Fingleton (Visual Arts)
fiona finlay (Visual Arts)
Irène Finlay
Emma Finn (Visual Arts)
Doreen Finn (Literature)
Nessa Finnegan (Visual Arts)
Eimear Finnegan
Emma Finucane (Visual Arts)
Jerry Fish (Music)
Rebecca Fisher
Hannah Fitz (Visual Arts)
Podge Fitzgerald
Peter FitzGerald (Visual Arts)
Mary FitzGerald (Visual Arts)
Martin Gale (Visual Arts)
Laoise FitzGerald (Music)
Brian Fitzgerald (Visual Arts)
Matthew Fitzgerald (Visual Arts)
Billy Fitzgerald (Music)
Emma Fitzgerald (Dance)
Brigid Fitzgerald (Visual Arts)
Dan FitzGerald (Music)
John Fitzgerald
Isadora Fitzgerald (Film and Television)
James Fitzgerald (Visual Arts)
Orla Fitzgerald (Theatre)
Pat Fitzgerald (Visual Arts)
Loz Fitzgibbon (Visual Arts)
Sarah FitzGibbon (Theatre)
Ann Fitzgibbon (Visual Arts)
Margaret Fitzgibbon (Visual Arts)
Derek Fitzpatrick (Visual Arts)
Andrea Fitzpatrick (Visual Arts)
Mairead Fitzpatrick
gillian fitzpatrick (Visual Arts)
Laura Fitzpatrick (Visual Arts)
Siobhan Fitzpatrick (Visual Arts)
Joan Fitzpatrick (Visual Arts)
Jim Fitzpatrick (Visual Arts)
Ciara Fitzpatrick (Visual Arts)
Fiona Fitzpatrick (Visual Arts)
Sean Fitzsimons
Paula Fitzsimons (Visual Arts)
Lorna FItzsimons (Visual Arts)
Eithne Fitzsimons (Literature)
Andy Flaherty (Film and Television)
dan flaherty (Visual Arts)
Nicole Flanagan (Visual Arts)
Fionnula Flanagan (Film and Television)
Aimee Laura Flanagan (Visual Arts)
Nicole Flanagan (Visual Arts)
Brenda Flannery (Visual Arts)
Pearce Flannery
Annie Fletcher
Rhys Flinter (Film and Television)
Fiona Flooa (Architecture)
Maria Flood (Film and Television)
Taffina Flood (Visual Arts)
Damien Flood (Visual Arts)
Mark Flynn (Music)
Katy Flynn (Visual Arts)
Sheena Flynn (Visual Arts)
Tara Flynn (Film and Television)
Nadine Flynn (Theatre)
Aoife Flynn (Visual Arts)
Pauline Flynn (Visual Arts)
Dick Flynn
Karen Flynn (Visual Arts)
john flynn (Visual Arts)
Derek Flynn (Music)
Monica Flynn (Visual Arts)
Sara Flynn (Visual Arts)
David Folan (Visual Arts)
David Folan (Visual Arts)
Emer Foley (Literature)
Róisín Foley (Visual Arts)
Katrina Foley (Theatre)
Marie Foley (Visual Arts)
Yvonne Foley (Architecture)
Lauren Foley (Literature)
Emily Foran (Theatre)
Niamh Forbes (Visual Arts)
Colette Forde Forde (Theatre)
Karen Forde (Visual Arts)
Paul Forde Cialis (Visual Arts)
julie Forrester (Visual Arts)
Joy Forsythe (Theatre)
Lynne Foster Fitzgerald (Visual Arts)
Olwen Fouéré (Theatre)
Josh Fowler
cliona fox (Visual Arts)
Amy Fox (Theatre)
Gareth Fox (Literature)
Sarah Fox (Visual Arts)
Sorcha Fox (Theatre)
Muriel Foxton (Visual Arts)
Sarah Francis (Film and Television)
Lisa Frank (Literature)
Janet Fraser (Literature)
Oona Frawley (Literature)
Monica Frawley (Theatre)
Derval Freeman (Visual Arts)
Patrick Freeman (Music)
Grace French (Literature)
Tana French (Literature)
Jill French (Visual Arts)
Kit Fryatt (Literature)
Rab Fulton (Visual Arts)
Olivia Furey (Visual Arts)
Tara Furlong (Theatre)
Sinead Furlong (Music)
Sinéad Furlong-Clancy (Visual Arts)
Joe Fury (Music)
L G (Dance)
Kevin Gaffney (Visual Arts)
bronwyn gaffney (Visual Arts)
Mark Galione (Theatre)
ciara gallagher (Visual Arts)
conor gallagher (Visual Arts)
Jennifer Gallagher
Elaine Gallagher (Film and Television)
Alva Gallagher (Visual Arts)
Áine Gallagher (Music)
Aimee Gallagher (Visual Arts)
Ciaran Gallagher (Theatre)
Mia Gallagher (Literature)
Maggie Gallagher (Theatre)
Danielle Galligan (Theatre)
Andrew Galvin (Theatre)
Ali Ganley (Film and Television)
Laura Gannon (Visual Arts)
Pauline Garavan (Visual Arts)
Katerina García (Music)
Jane Garland (Visual Arts)
Jane Garner (Visual Arts)
Siobhan Garrigan (Music)
Mark Garry (Visual Arts)
Orla Gartland (Music)
Roisin Gartland (Visual Arts)
Alan Garvey (Literature)
Sadhbh Gaston (Visual Arts)
David Gaughran (Literature)
Geraldine Gaughran (Architecture)
kathleen gaul
Bernhard Gaul (Visual Arts)
Fiona Gault (Literature)
Cats Gauthey Byrne (Visual Arts)
Angela Gay (Visual Arts)
catherine Gaynor (Visual Arts)
Susan Geaney (Music)
Mags Geaney (Visual Arts)
Carlo Gebler (Literature)
Siobhan Geoghegan
Emma Geoghegan (Architecture)
Sheenagh Geoghegan (Visual Arts)
Niamh Geraghty
Clive Geraghty (Theatre)
Paula Geraghty
Mary-Kate Geraghty (Music)
Nóra Geraghty (Music)
Joy Gerrard (Visual Arts)
Gillian Gerrard (Visual Arts)
John Gerrard (Visual Arts)
Paul Gibbson (Visual Arts)
Caitríona Giblin (Visual Arts)
Tessa Giblin (Visual Arts)
Adam Gibney (Visual Arts)
Donna Gibney (Visual Arts)
Cristina Gil Ávila (Literature)
Vanessa Gildea (Film and Television)
Anne Gildea (Literature)
Niamh Gill (Visual Arts)
Anne Gill (Theatre)
Liz Gill (Film and Television)
Melissa Gill (Literature)
Ciara Gillan
Alix Gillece (Visual Arts)
David Gillen
Eric Gillespie (Visual Arts)
teresa gillespie (Visual Arts)
Steven Gilligan (Visual Arts)
Beate Gillson (Visual Arts)
Beate Gillson (Visual Arts)
Kate Gilmore (Theatre)
James Gilna (Visual Arts)
thyrza ging (Film and Television)
Fiona Ginnell (Visual Arts)
Anthony Glavin (Literature)
Emma Gleeson (Theatre)
Taryn Gleeson (Literature)
Kim gleeson (Visual Arts)
Sinéad Gleeson (Literature)
Alison Glennie (Film and Television)
Sarah Glennie (Visual Arts)
Evelyn Glynn (Visual Arts)
Róise Goan (Theatre)
David Godbold (Visual Arts)
Lisa Godson
Nicky Gogan (Film and Television)
Pauline Beatrice Goggin (Visual Arts)
Dominic Goland
Clare Goldenberg (Architecture)
Joshua Golding (Music)
Isabella Good (Visual Arts)
Ingrid Goodwin (Music)
Sue Goona
Niall Gòrdan (Music)
Ruth Gordon (Theatre)
matt gordon (Visual Arts)
Gemma Gore (Visual Arts)
Helena Gorey (Visual Arts)
Jackie Gorman (Literature)
emma gorman (Visual Arts)
Damian Gorman (Literature)
deirdre Gorman
jeffrey gormly
Sophie Gough (Visual Arts)
Kelly Gough
Helena Gouveia Monteiro (Visual Arts)
Friederike Grace
Katherine Graham (Theatre)
Catriona Graham (Music)
Amanda Jane Graham (Visual Arts)
Kevin Graham (Literature)
Rob Graham (Music)
Elaine Grainger (Visual Arts)
Stevie Grainger (Music)
Bella Grandi (Visual Arts)
Bella Grandi (Visual Arts)
Jennifer Grangel (Visual Arts)
Rebecca Grant (Theatre)
Gillian Grattan (Theatre)
Heather Gray (Visual Arts)
Sinead Gray (Visual Arts)
Alan Gray (Music)
Mim Greene (Visual Arts)
Mark Gregan (Music)
Helen Gregg (Theatre)
Stacey Gregg (Theatre)
Danielle Greham
Jessica Grehan (Visual Arts)
Ali Grehan (Architecture)
Enda Grennan (Music)
Elaine Griffin (Music)
Ger Griffin (Music)
Sarah Maria Griffin (Literature)
Nicki Griffin (Literature)
Jennifer Griffith (Theatre)
Ciara Griffith (Literature)
Karl Grimes (Visual Arts)
Vona Groarke (Literature)
Anita Groener (Visual Arts)
Saoirse Groves Murphy (Visual Arts)
Jennifer Grundulis (Music)
Daniel Guest (Music)
Amy Guilfoyle
Kerry Guinan (Visual Arts)
Lauralee Guiney (Visual Arts)
Debbie Guinnane (Visual Arts)
Selina Guinness (Literature)
John Gunning (Theatre)
Jennie Guy (Visual Arts)
Marise Gwin (Visual Arts)
Fionnuala Gygax (Theatre)
cathy hack (Visual Arts)
Hilary Hale
David Hall
Michelle Hall (Visual Arts)
Paul Hallahan (Visual Arts)
Manus Halligan (Theatre)
Sinead Halligan
Fiona Hallinan
Sarah Halpin (Music)
Ursula Halpin (Visual Arts)
Claire Halpin (Visual Arts)
Andrew Hamilton (Music)
Fiona Hanby (Dance)
Mark Hand
Madeleine Hand (Visual Arts)
James Hanley (Visual Arts)
Marie Hanlon (Visual Arts)
Olive Hanlon (Visual Arts)
Diarmaid Hanly (Film and Television)
Peter Hanly (Theatre)
Stéphane Hanly (Visual Arts)
Steven Hanly (Music)
Joe Hanly (Visual Arts)
Paddy Hanna (Music)
kim annabella hannigan (Visual Arts)
Jamie Hannigan (Film and Television)
Lisa Hannigan (Music)
Jean Hannon (Music)
Orla Hannon (Film and Television)
john hanrahan (Visual Arts)
Aoife Hanrahan (Architecture)
naomi hanrahan
vivian hansbury (Visual Arts)
Jennifer Harborne (Film and Television)
Sean Hardie (Literature)
Michael Harding (Literature)
Michael Harding (Literature)
Margo Harkin (Film and Television)
Ray Harman (Music)
cliona harmey (Visual Arts)
Catherine Harper (Visual Arts)
Charles Harper (Visual Arts)
Conor Harrington (Film and Television)
suzanne harrington (Literature)
Pat Harris (Visual Arts)
Robert Harris
Neil Harrison (Music)
Helen Harrison (Literature)
Anne-Marie Harrison-Barbet
Antonia Hart (Literature)
Aoife Harte
Jack Harte (Literature)
Richard Harte (Theatre)
Steve Hartland (Film and Television)
mike harvey (Visual Arts)
Emma Haugh (Visual Arts)
Caoimhe Haughey
Kim Haughton (Visual Arts)
Celia Hay (Visual Arts)
Deirdre hayden (Visual Arts)
Nickie Hayden (Visual Arts)
David Hayden (Literature)
Joanne Hayden (Literature)
Hannah Hayes (Literature)
Katy Hayes (Literature)
James L Hayes (Visual Arts)
Chris Hayes (Visual Arts)
Nuala Hayes (Theatre)
Gemma Hayes (Music)
Cathy Hayes (Visual Arts)
Felicity Hayes-McCoy (Literature)
Laura Haynes (Visual Arts)
Karen Healy (Film and Television)
Eden Healy (Visual Arts)
Jim Healy (Music)
Emma Healy (Visual Arts)
Aoife Marie Healy (Theatre)
Cassandra Healy (Visual Arts)
Claire Healy
Richie Healy (Visual Arts)
Carol Healy (Visual Arts)
Ann Maria Healy (Visual Arts)
Mel Healy (Literature)
David Heap (Theatre)
Gayle Hearne (Film and Television)
John Hearne
Jordan Hearns (Music)
Martha Hearty (Theatre)
David Hedderman (Visual Arts)
Lisa Heeran (Film and Television)
Joanne Heffernan (Film and Television)
Fiona Heffernan (Music)
Honor Heffernan (Music)
Danielle Heffernan (Visual Arts)
Mairéad Heffernan (Visual Arts)
Caroline Heffernan (Literature)
Ruth Hegarty (Theatre)
Anna Hegarty
Laura Hegarty (Visual Arts)
Neil Hegarty (Literature)
Erika Hellmich (Visual Arts)
Kevin Hely (Theatre)
Patrick Hendrick (Music)
Sorcha Hendry (Dance)
Karen Hendy (Visual Arts)
mary heneghan (Visual Arts)
Eric Hennelly Flanagan (Theatre)
Yvonne Hennessy (Film and Television)
John Hennessy
Claire Hennessy (Literature)
Ciara Henriques (Visual Arts)
Marina Herbst (Literature)
shane herlihy
Niamh Herrity (Film and Television)
Ruth Hickey (Music)
Bob Hickson (Music)
Clara Higgins (Visual Arts)
Dylan Higgins (Music)
Eoin Higgins (Visual Arts)
Rita Ann Higgins (Literature)
Vincent Higgins (Theatre)
Connie Higgins (Music)
Kevin Higgins (Literature)
James Hillen (Theatre)
Sean Hillen (Visual Arts)
Leah Hilliard (Visual Arts)
Tamara Him (Visual Arts)
Jene Hinds Kelly (Visual Arts)
sylvia hinz (Music)
Irene Ho (Visual Arts)
Anthony Hobbs (Visual Arts)
Kate Hodmon (Visual Arts)
Darragh Hogan (Visual Arts)
Denise Hogan (Visual Arts)
Jack Hogan (Visual Arts)
Conor Hogan (Film and Television)
Raymond Hogge (Music)
Breffni Holahan (Theatre)
Nicola Holly (Visual Arts)
Cara Holmes (Film and Television)
Jo Holmwood (Literature)
Niall James Holohan (Music)
Katie Holten (Visual Arts)
Eleanor Hooker (Literature)
Alan Hopkins (Film and Television)
Bernadette Hopkins (Visual Arts)
Joanna Hopkins (Visual Arts)
Gerry Horan (Music)
Conor Horgan (Visual Arts)
Laura Horgan (Film and Television)
Michele Horrigan (Visual Arts)
Emma Houlihan (Visual Arts)
Deirdre Houston (Visual Arts)
Alan Howley (Film and Television)
Alan Howley (Film and Television)
Raine Hozier-Byrne (Visual Arts)
Ruth Hudson
Andrew Hughes (Literature)
Niamh Hughes (Visual Arts)
Caoilinn Hughes (Literature)
Victoria Hughes (Visual Arts)
Declan Hughes (Literature)
Keith Hughes (Music)
Mariann Hughes Browne (Visual Arts)
Genevieve Hulme-beaman (Theatre)
Dorothy Hunter (Visual Arts)
Jonathan Hunter (Visual Arts)
Patricia Hurl (Visual Arts)
Sarah Hurl (Visual Arts)
Kathleen Hurley (Visual Arts)
Martina Hurley (Visual Arts)
Gwen Hurley
Jenny Huston
Pauline Hutton (Film and Television)
Ciaran Hyland (Visual Arts)
Meagan Hyland (Visual Arts)
oona hyland (Visual Arts)
Gabrielle Hyland (Film and Television)
Keith Hynes (Visual Arts)
Eoghan Hynes (Music)
Garry Hynes (Theatre)
Sarah Iremonger (Visual Arts)
Jaki Irvine (Visual Arts)
Andrea Irvine (Theatre)
Therese Irwin
Carmen Iturregui
Rhona Ivers (Theatre)
Patrick J. Ferriter (Theatre)
Wendy Jack (Music)
Sam Jackson (Music)
Georgina Jackson (Visual Arts)
Steven Jackson (Film and Television)
Myra Jago (Visual Arts)
Anne James (Theatre)
Stephen James Smith (Literature)
Jane Jermyn (Visual Arts)
Sinead rose Jerromes (Visual Arts)
Seidi Johansson (Film and Television)
Billie Johnson (Visual Arts)
Cathal Johnson (Music)
lisamarie Johnson (Visual Arts)
Paul Johnson (Dance)
Shane Johnson (Music)
Fergus Johnston (Music)
Megan Johnston (Visual Arts)
Jennifer Johnston (Literature)
Finola Jones (Visual Arts)
Ioma Jones (Visual Arts)
Laurel Jones (Theatre)
Lauren Shannon Jones (Theatre)
Kasia Jones (Visual Arts)
Jesse Jones (Visual Arts)
wayne jordan (Theatre)
Courtney Jordan (Dance)
Neil Jordan (Film and Television)
Eithne Jordan (Visual Arts)
Dervil Jordan (Visual Arts)
Sara Joyce (Theatre)
Dave Joyce (Theatre)
Naomhan Joyce (Visual Arts)
Mark Joyce (Visual Arts)
Chris Judge
wendy judge (Visual Arts)
stacey juengling (Theatre)
Chynel Kane
George Kane (Film and Television)
Michael Kane (Visual Arts)
Shubhangi Karmakar (Visual Arts)
Joanna Kasinska (Visual Arts)
Ramon Kassam (Visual Arts)
Vanya Kavanagh (Visual Arts)
Catherine Kavanagh (Film and Television)
David Keane
Frilly Keane (Literature)
Roisin Keane
Jenny Keane (Visual Arts)
Darren Keane (Music)
Tamar Keane (Theatre)
Sarah Keane (Theatre)
Fiona Kearney (Visual Arts)
jason kearney (Visual Arts)
Dónal Kearney (Music)
Gemma Kearney (Visual Arts)
Oonagh Kearney (Film and Television)
Rob Kearns (Music)
Tiernan Kearns (Theatre)
Maree Kearns (Theatre)
Hollie Kearns (Visual Arts)
Conall Keating (Film and Television)
Nicola Keating
John Keating (Visual Arts)
Allan Keating (Film and Television)
Christian Keegan
Georgia Keenan (Visual Arts)
Fiona Keenan O'Brien (Dance)
denise kehoe (Visual Arts)
Patricia Keilthy (Visual Arts)
JD Kelleher (Music)
Liadh Kelleher (Visual Arts)
Irene Kelleher (Theatre)
Julie Kelleher (Theatre)
Fiona Keller (Theatre)
Danielle Kellett (Visual Arts)
Grace Kelley (Theatre)
Clodagh Kelly (Visual Arts)
Mary Elizabeth Kelly (Music)
Sonya Kelly (Film and Television)
Steffi Kelly (Visual Arts)
Fiona Kelly (Visual Arts)
Ian Kelly (Visual Arts)
Andrea Kelly (Theatre)
Helen Kelly (Visual Arts)
Olwen Kelly (Visual Arts)
laoise kelly (Music)
Michele Ann Kelly (Theatre)
Mary Kelly
Laura Kelly (Visual Arts)
Cathy Kelly (Literature)
Mary Kelly (Visual Arts)
Jessy Kelly (Music)
Mary Kelly (Visual Arts)
Michele Kelly (Music)
Ciara Kelly (Film and Television)
Declan Kelly (Visual Arts)
Roisin Kelly (Literature)
Dean Kelly (Visual Arts)
Darragh Kelly (Music)
Stephen Kelly (Theatre)
Orlagh Kelly
Julie Kelly (Literature)
Anne Kelly (Visual Arts)
Grace Kelly (Visual Arts)
Louise Kelly
Noel Kelly
Mary Kelly-Borgatta (Theatre)
Louise Kennedy (Literature)
Patricia Kennedy (Theatre)
Breda Kennedy (Visual Arts)
Kieran Kennedy (Music)
Philip Kennedy (Visual Arts)
Jessica Kennedy (Dance)
Geneviève Kennedy (Visual Arts)
Tara Kennedy (Architecture)
Billy Kennedy (Music)
Sandy Kennedy (Visual Arts)
Douglas Kennedy (Literature)
Sean Kennedy (Literature)
Victoria Kennefick (Literature)
Doodle Kennelly (Literature)
Ruth Kennington (Music)
Emmet Kenny (Architecture)
Fionnuala Kenny (Literature)
Lewis Kenny (Literature)
Sorcha Kenny (Visual Arts)
Paul Keogan (Theatre)
Siobhan Keogh (Visual Arts)
Carol Keogh (Music)
Sinead Keogh (Visual Arts)
Sam Keogh (Visual Arts)
Valerie Keogh (Theatre)
Jamin Keogh (Visual Arts)
Tara Keogh (Literature)
Ciara Keohane (Architecture)
Seanán Kerr (Visual Arts)
Ruth Kerr (Visual Arts)
Fiona Kerrigan (Theatre)
Amy Key (Literature)
Marian Keyes (Literature)
Katie Kidd (Visual Arts)
Eoghan Kidney (Film and Television)
Joanna Kidney (Visual Arts)
Bernadette Kiely (Visual Arts)
Bernadette Kiely (Visual Arts)
Grace Kiernan (Visual Arts)
Aoife Kilbane (Film and Television)
Imelda Kilbane (Visual Arts)
Jo Killalea (Visual Arts)
Thomas Kilroy (Literature)
Deirdre Kinahan (Theatre)
Dave Kinane (Visual Arts)
Donovan King (Theatre)
Mollie Anna King (Visual Arts)
Sheila King (Visual Arts)
Freda King (Film and Television)
Aoife King (Film and Television)
Linda King (Visual Arts)
Steve Kingston (Film and Television)
Sarah Kinlen (Theatre)
Sarah Kinlen (Theatre)
Elizabeth Kinsella (Visual Arts)
Tina Kinsella (Visual Arts)
Etan Kinsella McLennan (Theatre)
Jenn Kirby (Music)
Simone Kirby (Film and Television)
Ali Kirby (Visual Arts)
Paul Kirby (Visual Arts)
sarah kirk
Sabrina Kirwan (Visual Arts)
Sean Kissane (Visual Arts)
Robbie Kitt (Music)
Aran Kleebaur
Barbara Knezevic (Visual Arts)
Trevor Knight (Music)
rachel koeman (Music)
Conor Kostick (Literature)
Kirsti Kotilainen (Visual Arts)
sonja Krzyzanowski (Music)
caroline kuyper (Visual Arts)
Slavek Kwi (Music)
Edward Lacey (Visual Arts)
Sarah Lafferty (Film and Television)
Roberta Laguardia (Theatre)
Francesca Lalor
Eric Lalor (Film and Television)
Katharine Lamb (Visual Arts)
Peadar Lamb (Visual Arts)
Susie Lamb (Theatre)
vanya lambrecht ward (Visual Arts)
Dominique LANCIEN
Brendan Landers (Literature)
John Lane (Visual Arts)
Ronan Lane (Visual Arts)
Conor Lane (Visual Arts)
Nicola Lane (Visual Arts)
Ashya Lane-Spollen (Visual Arts)
Vicky Langan (Music)
Shane Langan (Film and Television)
Clare Langan (Visual Arts)
AnneMarie Langan (Theatre)
ina langford
Susan Lanigan (Literature)
Alison Laredo (Visual Arts)
Lorna Larkin (Film and Television)
Kate Larkin (Film and Television)
Lelde Lasmane-Slisane (Visual Arts)
Eilis Lavelle (Visual Arts)
Gavin Lavelle (Visual Arts)
Mary Lavelle-Burke (Visual Arts)
Frank Laverty (Theatre)
Don Lavery (Literature)
Niamh Lawlor (Theatre)
Joe Lawlor (Film and Television)
Terry Lawlor (Music)
Joanne Laws (Visual Arts)
Ian Lawton (Film and Television)
Anne Layde (Theatre)
Maximilian Le Cain (Film and Television)
Ruth Le Gear (Visual Arts)
Guy Le Jeune (Theatre)
Chris Leach (Visual Arts)
Frances Leach (Visual Arts)
Roisin Leadbetter (Visual Arts)
Mark Leahy (Theatre)
Eileen Leahy
Oisin Leahy Furlong (Music)
Anna Leask (Visual Arts)
Fran Leavey (Visual Arts)
Laura Lebreton (Visual Arts)
Hollie Leddy-Flood (Visual Arts)
jennifer Ledwell (Theatre)
Maisie Lee (Theatre)
Paula Lee (Theatre)
Clare Lee
Amanda Lee (Visual Arts)
Ciara Lee
Jason Lee (Visual Arts)
Kevin Lehane (Film and Television)
Maev Lenaghan (Visual Arts)
Marilyn Lennon (Visual Arts)
Aisling Leonard (Visual Arts)
Siobhan Leonard (Visual Arts)
Niall Leonard (Film and Television)
Brian Leonard
Colette Lewis (Visual Arts)
Tara Lewis
Carrie Lewis
Margie Lewis (Music)
sarah lewtas (Visual Arts)
Kevin Liddy (Film and Television)
Alice Liffey (Visual Arts)
Gary Lilburn (Theatre)
Triona Lillis (Visual Arts)
Keith Lindsay (Music)
Graham Linehan (Film and Television)
Helen Linehan (Film and Television)
Deirdre Little (Visual Arts)
Pippa Little (Visual Arts)
Máire Llewyn
Dominic Lloyd (Visual Arts)
Jane Locke (Visual Arts)
Emma Lohan (Music)
Natasha Lohan (Music)
Annette Lohan (Visual Arts)
Natasha Lohan (Music)
Richard Lombard Vance (Theatre)
Ruth Frances Long (Literature)
Orla Long (Theatre)
Niamh looney (Visual Arts)
Aissa Lopez (Visual Arts)
Valentina Gaia Lops (Dance)
Johannah Lordan (Visual Arts)
Dave Lordan (Literature)
Niamh Loughlin (Visual Arts)
Hannah-Alice Loughlin (Visual Arts)
Sophie Loughnan (Visual Arts)
Róisín Loughrey (Film and Television)
Mathew Lowe
Louise Lowe (Theatre)
Eimear Lowe (Literature)
Mateusz Lubecki (Visual Arts)
Bridge Lucey (Visual Arts)
Edith Lucey (Music)
David Lunney (Visual Arts)
Judy Lunny (Film and Television)
Dónal Lunny (Music)
Cora Venus Lunny (Music)
Sarah Luxford
Clare Lymer (Visual Arts)
Brian Lynch (Literature)
breda lynch (Visual Arts)
Darragh Lynch (Music)
Rosie Lynch (Visual Arts)
Laura Lynch (Visual Arts)
Nollaig Lynch (Visual Arts)
Roseanne Lynch (Theatre)
Finbar Lynch
Molly Lynch (Theatre)
Kenneth Lynch
Jacinta Lynch (Visual Arts)
Sean Lynch (Visual Arts)
Anne-Marie Lynch
Paul Lynch (Literature)
Felicity Lynch-Byrne (Visual Arts)
Dolores Lyne (Visual Arts)
Ruth Lyons (Visual Arts)
Ingrid Lyons (Visual Arts)
Alice Lyons (Literature)
Clare Lyons (Visual Arts)
Fiona M. T. O'Brien (Visual Arts)
Kaye Maahs (Visual Arts)
Carin Mac Cana (Visual Arts)
Eanair Mac Dermott (Visual Arts)
Cormac mac Diarmada (Music)
Kate Mac Donagh (Visual Arts)
Donal Mac Erlaine (Music)
Nichola Mac Evilly (Theatre)
Sabina Mac Mahon (Visual Arts)
Enda Mac Nally (Visual Arts)
Aifric MacAodha (Literature)
Maev MacCoille (Theatre)
Cón MacDhonmaill (Visual Arts)
Siobhan MacGowan (Literature)
Áine Macken (Visual Arts)
Lauren Mackenzie (Film and Television)
Mary Mackey (Visual Arts)
Eve Macklin (Film and Television)
Marielle MacLeman (Visual Arts)
Anna Macleod (Visual Arts)
Dervla MacManus (Architecture)
Louise Macnamara (Music)
Susan MacWilliam (Visual Arts)
Deborah Madden (Visual Arts)
Jennifer Madden (Visual Arts)
Marie Madden (Music)
Eithne Madden
Cria Madigan
Dave Madigan (Visual Arts)
Griffin Madill (Film and Television)
Eoin Madsen (Music)
Eamon Mag Uidhir (Literature)
Andrew Magee (Visual Arts)
Dermot Magennis (Theatre)
Nicola Magette
Elizabeth Magill (Visual Arts)
Ciaran Maginn (Film and Television)
Brian Maguire (Visual Arts)
Darragh Maguire (Visual Arts)
John Maguire (Film and Television)
Stephen Maguire (Theatre)
Kathryn Maguire (Visual Arts)
Grainne Maguire
Alice Maher (Visual Arts)
Steve Maher (Visual Arts)
Dee Maher
Maeve Mahon-Ferriter (Theatre)
Niamh Mahony (Theatre)
Elaine Mai (Music)
James Maidment (Visual Arts)
Drew Maitland (Film and Television)
Sara Makdessi (Visual Arts)
Selma Makela (Visual Arts)
Christodoulos Makris (Literature)
Fortina Maldonado (Film and Television)
Dan Mallerman (Film and Television)
Joanne Mallon (Theatre)
Oonagh Malone
Amy Malone (Visual Arts)
sheena malone (Visual Arts)
alice malseed (Theatre)
Hannah Mamalis (Literature)
Michele Manahan (Film and Television)
Amelia Mangan (Literature)
Louise Manifold (Visual Arts)
Doreen Manning (Visual Arts)
Serena Mannix
Katelyn Mannning (Literature)
Shimmy Marcus (Film and Television)
Louis Marcus (Visual Arts)
Aisling Marie Louise (Visual Arts)
Roisin Markham (Visual Arts)
Conor Marren (Film and Television)
Fiona Marron (Visual Arts)
Vanessa Marsh (Visual Arts)
Olan Marten (Theatre)
Fergus Martin (Visual Arts)
Colin Martin (Visual Arts)
Zoé Martin (Music)
Emma Martin (Dance)
Marie-Louise Martin (Visual Arts)
Evgeniya Martirosyan (Visual Arts)
rebecca massey (Visual Arts)
Lidia Matassa
Charli Mathews (Theatre)
Mari Maxwell (Literature)
jonathan mayhew (Visual Arts)
Breda Mayock (Music)
Emer Mayock (Music)
John Mayock (Visual Arts)
Fionn Mc Cann (Visual Arts)
Colum Mc Cann (Literature)
Teresa Mc Cann
Selma Mc Cormack (Visual Arts)
Victoria Mc Cormack (Visual Arts)
Jane Mc Cormick (Visual Arts)
Jennifer Mc dermott
Denise Mc Donagh (Visual Arts)
Nichola Mc Evilly (Film and Television)
Karen Mc Evoy (Architecture)
Órla Mc Govern (Theatre)
Barry Mc Govern (Theatre)
Jane Mc Grath (Film and Television)
Karen Mc Grath (Film and Television)
Adrian Mc Grath (Visual Arts)
Yvonne Mc Guinness (Visual Arts)
Paul Mc Kane
Rebecca Mc Kinney
Brighid Mc Laughlin (Visual Arts)
Lise-Ann Mc Laughlin (Film and Television)
Scott Mc laughlin (Music)
Brian Mc Namara (Theatre)
Shelley Mc Namara (Architecture)
Dennis Mc Nulty (Visual Arts)
Sarah Mc Sweeney
Trish Mcadam (Film and Television)
Eithne McAdam (Visual Arts)
orla mcalinden (Literature)
Aonghus Óg McAnally (Theatre)
Paul McAree (Visual Arts)
Rachel McAree (Visual Arts)
Daniel McAuley (Music)
John McAuliffe (Literature)
Mark McAvoy (Literature)
Patricia McBride (Theatre)
Eimear McBride (Literature)
Anthony McCabe
Stephen McCabe (Literature)
vincent mccabe (Theatre)
Pat McCabe (Literature)
Eugene McCabe (Literature)
Ruth McCabe (Film and Television)
Elaine McCague
Katie McCann (Theatre)
Ronan McCann (Architecture)
Jaki McCarrick (Literature)
orla mccarthy
Joe McCarthy
Aoibhie McCarthy (Visual Arts)
Caroline McCarthy (Visual Arts)
Maeve McCarthy (Visual Arts)
Danny McCarthy (Visual Arts)
Sophia McCarthy (Theatre)
Eimear McCarthy Luddy (Music)
sadhbh mcccarthy
Dara McClatchie (Film and Television)
Monika McCleane (Theatre)
Marnie Mccleane-Fay (Theatre)
majella mccloskey (Visual Arts)
Molly McCloskey (Literature)
Claire McCluskey (Visual Arts)
Hilary McCollum (Literature)
Lindsay McConnell (Visual Arts)
Sinead McConville (Music)
Mike McCormack (Literature)
Niall McCormack (Visual Arts)
Kevin McCormack
Eimearjean mccormack (Visual Arts)
Angela McCormick
Aisling McCoy (Visual Arts)
Anne McCoy (Music)
Ronan McCrea (Visual Arts)
Gavin McCrea (Literature)
Barry McCrea (Literature)
Carmel McCreagh (Music)
Elizabeth McCullagh
Roisin McCullagh
Sam McCutcheon (Music)
Peter McDermott (Theatre)
Katie McDermott (Literature)
Angela McDonagh (Visual Arts)
Eileen McDonagh (Visual Arts)
Martina Mcdonagh
Fiona McDonald (Architecture)
Marie McDonald (Visual Arts)
Peter Mcdonald (Film and Television)
Morgan McDonald (Visual Arts)
Karen J McDonnell (Literature)
Justine McDonnell (Visual Arts)
Shelly McDonnell (Visual Arts)
Jimi McDonnell
Sarah McDowell (Visual Arts)
A.P. McDowell
Suzanne McEnaney (Music)
Diane Mceneaney nee Henshaw (Visual Arts)
Molly McEntee (Visual Arts)
Catherine McEntee (Visual Arts)
Lauren McEntee (Dance)
Emma McEvoy
Dáire McEvoy (Visual Arts)
Steve McEvoy (Music)
Marion Rose McFadden (Visual Arts)
Paula Mcfetridge (Theatre)
sinead McGahan
Siuan McGahan (Visual Arts)
Oisin McGann (Literature)
Erika McGann (Literature)
Kevin McGee (Film and Television)
Hugh McGettigan (Visual Arts)
siobhan mcgibbon (Visual Arts)
Deirdre McGing (Visual Arts)
Paula McGlinchey (Theatre)
Paula McGlinchey (Theatre)
Sean McGlynn (Literature)
Sam McGovern (Film and Television)
Amy McGovern (Visual Arts)
Michelle McGovern (Visual Arts)
Iggy McGovern (Literature)
Nina McGowan (Visual Arts)
Kate McGowan (Music)
Paula McGrath (Literature)
Hilary McGrath (Literature)
Sorca McGrath (Music)
Sorca McGrath (Music)
Louise McGrath (Visual Arts)
Maeve McGrath (Film and Television)
Dara Mcgrath (Visual Arts)
Caroline McGrotty (Film and Television)
Mary McGuckian (Film and Television)
Medbh McGuckian (Literature)
Roisin McGuigan (Visual Arts)
Sean McGuill (Visual Arts)
Niamh McGuinne (Visual Arts)
Chanele McGuinness (Music)
Frank McGuinness (Literature)
Cathal McGuire (Theatre)
Jenn McGuirk (Film and Television)
Maura McHugh (Literature)
Lisa McInerney (Literature)
Kevin McIntosh (Film and Television)
Dave McKane (Visual Arts)
Sian McKeever (Visual Arts)
Aoife McKenna (Film and Television)
Fionnuala McKenna (Visual Arts)
Rosie McKenna (Theatre)
Oisin McKenna (Theatre)
Stephen McKenna (Visual Arts)
Siobhan McKenna
Niamh McKenna (Film and Television)
Ciara McKeon (Visual Arts)
Belinda McKeon (Literature)
Brian Mckeown (Architecture)
Henrietta McKervey (Literature)
Grace McKiernan (Theatre)
Maria McKinney (Visual Arts)
John McLachlan (Music)
Cahal McLaughlin (Film and Television)
Danielle McLaughlin (Literature)
Caitriona McLaughlin (Theatre)
Anna McLaughlin (Visual Arts)
Lise-Ann McLaughlin (Theatre)
alex mclennan (Visual Arts)
Alan McLeod (Visual Arts)
Michael Mcloughlin (Visual Arts)
Mark McLoughlin (Visual Arts)
Cal McLoughlin (Film and Television)
Eleanor McLoughlin (Theatre)
Cian McLoughlin (Visual Arts)
Pauline McLynn (Theatre)
Bea McMahon (Visual Arts)
Daragh McMahon (Theatre)
Philly McMahon (Theatre)
Lieselle McMahon (Music)
Rita McMahon (Visual Arts)
Roisin McMahon
Luke McManus (Film and Television)
Anne McManus (Visual Arts)
Maria McManus (Literature)
Anne McManus (Visual Arts)
Laura McMorrow (Visual Arts)
Steven McNamara
Dav McNamara (Music)
Eimhin McNamara (Film and Television)
Dervella McNee (Visual Arts)
Rachel McNicholl (Literature)
Beth McNinch (Music)
Helen McNulty
Cliona McPartlan (Music)
Conor McPherson (Literature)
Eimer McPhillips (Visual Arts)
John Buckley McQuaid (Music)
pam mcquaid
Robyn McQuaid-O'Dwyer (Theatre)
Maeve McQuillan (Theatre)
Austin McQuinn (Visual Arts)
denise mcshannon (Visual Arts)
Siobhán McSweeney (Theatre)
Paul Meade (Theatre)
Louise Meade (Visual Arts)
Bairbre Meade (Literature)
Declan Meade (Literature)
Emma Meade (Literature)
Darina Meagher (Visual Arts)
Ruth Medjber (Visual Arts)
Stephanie Meehan
Sophie Meehan (Literature)
Sean Meehan
Paula Meehan (Literature)
Peter Meighan (Theatre)
eoin meldon
Poppy Melia (Visual Arts)
Liz Mellon (Literature)
Joanna Melville-Richards (Music)
Adam Melvin (Music)
Peter Mengerink
George Mercer (Music)
Paul Mercier (Theatre)
Rachel merrigan (Visual Arts)
James Merrigan (Visual Arts)
Gary Merrin (Visual Arts)
sophie merry (Film and Television)
Eleanor Methven (Theatre)
Hélène Meunier
Noah Mickens (Theatre)
Leah Millar (Film and Television)
Glenda Millar (Film and Television)
Lucy Miller (Theatre)
Nick Miller (Visual Arts)
Lia Mills (Literature)
Antoinette Milne (Visual Arts)
Blaithin Milne (Music)
Tom Mimnagh (Film and Television)
sandra minchin (Visual Arts)
Willem minjon (Visual Arts)
Robert Ickis Mirolo (Music)
Geraldine Mitchell (Literature)
Terri Mitchell (Visual Arts)
Edel Mitchell (Visual Arts)
Ian Mitchell
Grace Mitchell (Visual Arts)
Justine Mitchell (Theatre)
ida mitrani (Visual Arts)
Takashi Miyazaki
Óonagh Moeykens (Film and Television)
Nicola Moffat (Visual Arts)
Anneli Moffat (Visual Arts)
Carly Moffitt (Visual Arts)
Stephen Mogerley (Film and Television)
Nollaig Molloy (Visual Arts)
Deirdre Molloy (Theatre)
Christine Molloy (Film and Television)
Sean Molloy (Visual Arts)
Patrick Molloy (Film and Television)
Claire Molloy (Visual Arts)
Maeve Molly (Music)
Billie Moloney (Visual Arts)
Alex Moloney
Ashley Moloney (Visual Arts)
Rob Moloney (Music)
Caitriona Moloney (Visual Arts)
Niamh Moloney (Visual Arts)
Orla Moloney
Noel Molloy (Visual Arts)
Aaron Monaghan (Theatre)
Sadie Monks (Visual Arts)
Clare Monnelly (Theatre)
Sibyl Montague (Visual Arts)
John Montague (Literature)
Jose Montero (Film and Television)
susan montgomery (Visual Arts)
Emma Montonen (Music)
Suzanne Mooney (Visual Arts)
Neil Mooney (Music)
Vicky Mooney (Visual Arts)
A Moore
Harry Moore (Visual Arts)
Greta Moore (Visual Arts)
Millie Moore (Visual Arts)
Christy Moore (Music)
Cecilia Moore (Visual Arts)
Julie Moorhouse (Visual Arts)
Joss Moorkens (Music)
Janet Moran (Theatre)
niamh moran
Seamus Moran
Emma Moran (Visual Arts)
Aoife Moran
Frankie Moran (Film and Television)
Sarah Morel (Visual Arts)
Grace Morgan (Theatre)
Niamh Moriarty (Visual Arts)
Sinead Moriarty (Literature)
Megs Morley (Visual Arts)
Mic Moroney
Niamh Moroney (Theatre)
Paul Morrin (Music)
Nicola Morris (Architecture)
Locky Morris (Visual Arts)
Colin Morris (Music)
michael morris (Visual Arts)
Damian Morrissey
Ita Morrissey (Theatre)
Eimear Morrissey (Film and Television)
Cindy Morrissey (Visual Arts)
Julie Morrissy (Literature)
Fiona Mortell
John Morton (Film and Television)
John Morton (Film and Television)
Angela Mosimann
Bush Moukarzel (Theatre)
Gina Moxley (Theatre)
John Moynes (Literature)
Aine Moynihan (Theatre)
Anne Moynihan (Theatre)
Barbara Mueller
Barbara Mueller
Janet Muir
Dervla Mulcahy (Visual Arts)
Fiona Mulholland (Visual Arts)
Finn Mullan (Visual Arts)
Mary Mullan (Film and Television)
Aoife Anna Mullan (Visual Arts)
Johanne Mullan (Visual Arts)
Des Mullan (Film and Television)
Dan Mullane (Film and Television)
Aoife Mullaney
Mia Mullarkey (Film and Television)
Gabrielle Mullarkey (Literature)
Janet Mullarney (Visual Arts)
Anne Mullee (Visual Arts)
Bryan Mullen (Music)
Conor Mullen (Film and Television)
India Mullen (Film and Television)
Bernie Mullen-Carroll (Music)
Molly Müller
Orla Mulligan (Visual Arts)
Sonya Mulligan (Film and Television)
Valerie Mulvin (Architecture)
Zoë Murdoch (Visual Arts)
Róisín Murphy (Film and Television)
Jeff Murphy
Noel Murphy (Theatre)
Sadhbh Murphy (Visual Arts)
Jamie Murphy (Visual Arts)
Catriona Murphy
Brian Murphy
Alex Murphy
Kate Murphy (Literature)
Pat Murphy (Visual Arts)
Justine Murphy (Music)
john murphy (Film and Television)
John Murphy (Music)
Grainne Murphy (Music)
Sarah Murphy
roisin murphy (Architecture)
Sharon Murphy (Visual Arts)
Rory Murphy (Music)
Cian Murphy (Music)
Maebh Murphy (Music)
Martin Murphy (Theatre)
Ray Murphy (Visual Arts)
noeleen murphy (Visual Arts)
Eimear Murphy (Visual Arts)
Deirdre Murphy (Dance)
Andrew Murphy
Tom Murphy (Theatre)
Cath Murphy
Charlie Murphy (Film and Television)
Eilis Murphy (Visual Arts)
Michele Murphy (Visual Arts)
Patsey Murphy
Dunk Murphy (Music)
Jimmy Murphy (Theatre)
Peter Murphy (Literature)
James Murphy (Theatre)
Moira Murphy (Visual Arts)
Ailbhe Murphy (Visual Arts)
Cora Murphy (Visual Arts)
Gavin Murphy (Visual Arts)
Tara Murphy (Film and Television)
Ella Murphy (Film and Television)
Kate Murphy (Visual Arts)
Paul Murray (Literature)
Kirsten Murray (Visual Arts)
Erica Murray (Theatre)
Jenn Murray (Film and Television)
Luisa Murray
Enya Murray (Visual Arts)
Laoise Murray (Theatre)
Bryan Murray (Film and Television)
Roberta Murray (Visual Arts)
paul murray (Visual Arts)
Hilary Murray (Visual Arts)
Frank Murray
Brendan Murray (Theatre)
Denise Murray (Visual Arts)
William Murray (Visual Arts)
Helen Murray (Literature)
Melissa Murray (Theatre)
Patrick Murray (Visual Arts)
Jocelyn Murray Boyne (Visual Arts)
Niamh Murtagh
Peter murtagh (Literature)
Eddie Naessens
Michael Naghten Shanks (Literature)
Chloe Nagle (Visual Arts)
Jaime Nanci (Music)
Ciaran Nash (Visual Arts)
Treasa Nealon (Theatre)
little john nee (Theatre)
Miriam Needham (Theatre)
Marciana Negrea (Theatre)
Louise Neiland (Visual Arts)
Kris Nelson
Eszter Nemethi (Theatre)
Jo Neylin (Film and Television)
Ailbhe Ni Bhriain (Visual Arts)
Sinead Ni Bhroin (Film and Television)
Bairbre Ní Chaoimh (Theatre)
Féadha Ní Chaoimhe (Theatre)
Roisin Ni Chathain (Theatre)
Ally Ní Chiaráin (Film and Television)
Muireann Ní Chonaill
cearuilin ni chonchubhair (Visual Arts)
Nuala Ní Chonchuir (Literature)
Nuala Ni Chonchuir (Literature)
Ionia Ni Chroinin (Theatre)
Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin (Literature)
Bríd Ní Chumhaill (Film and Television)
Annemarie Ni Churreain (Literature)
Síle Ní Dhubhghaill (Music)
Éilis Ni Dhuibhne (Literature)
Noíse Ní Dhuinn (Music)
Siobhán Ní Éanaigh (Architecture)
Éilis NÍ Fhaoláin (Visual Arts)
Louise Ní Fhiannachta (Film and Television)
Máire Ní Ghráinne (Theatre)
Máire NI Ghráinne (Theatre)
Doireann Ní Ghríofa (Literature)
Doireann Ni Ghrioghair (Visual Arts)
Bríd Ní Ghruagáin (Music)
Réaltán Ní Leannáin (Literature)
Niamh Ni Mhaoilir (Visual Arts)
Fiona Ni Mhaoilit (Visual Arts)
Caitriona Ni Mhurchu (Theatre)
Jane Ní Shamhráin (Visual Arts)
Dr Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin (Music)
Síle Nic Chonaonaigh (Film and Television)
Ciara Nic Chormaic (Film and Television)
Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh (Music)
Donna Nicholson Arnott (Visual Arts)
Bébhinn NicLiam (Visual Arts)
Anja Nohlen (Visual Arts)
Bebhinn Rose Nolan (Visual Arts)
Isabel Nolan (Visual Arts)
Collette Nolan (Visual Arts)
Rory Nolan (Theatre)
Claire Nolan (Literature)
Padhraig Nolan (Visual Arts)
Megan Nolan (Literature)
Kate Nolan (Visual Arts)
Paula Nolan
Katherine Nolan (Visual Arts)
Kate Nolan
Melissa Nolan (Theatre)
Eamonn Nolan (Music)
Nora-Jane Noone (Film and Television)
Linda Norton Norton (Literature)
Jim Nowhere (Music)
Anne Nuding
Cian Nugent (Music)
Liz Nugent (Literature)
Emer O Boyle (Visual Arts)
Luke O Brien (Visual Arts)
Des O Brien (Music)
Eoin Ó Catháin (Music)
Antoin Beag Ó Colla (Film and Television)
Fearghus Ó Conchúir (Dance)
Tricia o Connor
Jessamine O Connor (Literature)
Louise O Donnell (Literature)
Padraig O Gallachoir (Literature)
James Ó hAodha (Visual Arts)
Helen O Keeffe (Visual Arts)
Aislinn O Keeffe (Visual Arts)
Ian Ó Loingsigh (Music)
Sadhbh O Neill (Visual Arts)
Sharon O Neill
Louise O Neill (Literature)
Alan Ó Raghallaigh (Music)
Conall Ó Riain (Theatre)
Seán O Sullivan (Visual Arts)
OonaghO Toole (Visual Arts)
Miriam O' Connor (Visual Arts)
Rebecca O' Dwyer (Visual Arts)
John O' Dwyer
Eimear O' Grady (Film and Television)
Lani O' Hanlon (Dance)
Mary O' Keeffe (Literature)
máire o' mahony (Visual Arts)
Suzy O' Mullane (Visual Arts)
Edel O' Reilly (Visual Arts)
AIsling O'Beirn (Visual Arts)
Orlaith O'Brien (Theatre)
Conor O'Brien (Music)
Sadbh O'Brien (Visual Arts)
Ronan O'Brien (Music)
Roisin O'Brien (Visual Arts)
Ruairí O'Brien (Film and Television)
Fiachna O'Brien (Film and Television)
Sarah H O'Brien (Visual Arts)
Joanne O'Brien (Visual Arts)
Christine O'Brien (Visual Arts)
Sorcha O'Brien
Melissa O'Brien (Visual Arts)
Katelyn O'Brien
Oisín O'Brien (Visual Arts)
Cian O'Brien
Jean O'Brien (Literature)
Treasa O'Brien (Film and Television)
Fiona O'Brien
Margaret O'Brien (Visual Arts)
Emma O'Brien (Visual Arts)
Louise O'Brien
Andrew O'Brien
Fiona O'Broin (Visual Arts)
Rachel O'Byrne (Theatre)
Brían F. O'Byrne (Film and Television)
Gareth O'Callaghan (Architecture)
Kate O'Callaghan (Music)
Anna O'Carroll (Film and Television)
Madi O'Carroll (Theatre)
Aisling O'Carroll
Liana O'Cleirigh (Film and Television)
Duncan O'Cleirigh (Music)
Emer O'Clery (Film and Television)
Joan O'Clery (Theatre)
Will O'Connell (Theatre)
Helen O'Connell (Visual Arts)
Maura O'Connell (Music)
Adrian O'Connell (Visual Arts)
Isabelle O'Connell (Music)
Beatrice O'Connell (Visual Arts)
maurice O'Connell
Elizabeth O'Connell-Thompson (Literature)
Eoin O'Connor (Visual Arts)
Damien O'Connor (Film and Television)
Margaret O'Connor
Niamh O'Connor (Visual Arts)
Iris O'Connor (Visual Arts)
Eva O'Connor (Theatre)
Diana O'Connor (Theatre)
Robbie O'Connor (Theatre)
Robert O'Connor (Visual Arts)
Laura O'Connor (Visual Arts)
Hana O'Connor
Rebecca O'Connor
Clare O'Connor (Visual Arts)
Niamh O'Connor (Visual Arts)
Barry O'Connor (Architecture)
Damien O'Connor (Film and Television)
Azzy O'Connor (Visual Arts)
Eoin O'Connor (Film and Television)
Fiona O'Connor (Literature)
Jennifer O'Connor (Visual Arts)
Michele O'Connor Connolly (Visual Arts)
Hugh O'Conor (Visual Arts)
Darragh O'Dea (Music)
Michael O'Dea (Literature)
Tom O'Dea (Visual Arts)
Jennifer O'Dea (Theatre)
Niamh O'Doherty (Visual Arts)
Deirdre O'Donnell
Kelli O'Donnell
Lisa O'Donnell (Visual Arts)
Alison O'Donnell (Music)
Mary O'Donnell (Literature)
Paraic O'Donnell (Literature)
Simon O'Donnell (Visual Arts)
Mike O'Donnelll (Visual Arts)
Liv O'Donoghue (Dance)
Enda O'Donoghue (Visual Arts)
Orla O'Donoghue (Visual Arts)
Clodagh O'Donovan (Film and Television)
Lucy O'Donovan (Music)
Siobhan O'Donovan (Visual Arts)
Conor O'Donovan (Film and Television)
Una O'Dowd (Film and Television)
Eoin O'Dowd (Visual Arts)
Karen O'Dowd (Visual Arts)
sally O'Dowd (Visual Arts)
Jacqueline O'Driscoll (Visual Arts)
Áine O'Dwyer
Marion O'Dwyer (Theatre)
Michael O'Dwyer (Film and Television)
Aoife O'Dwyer (Visual Arts)
Alice O'Dwyer (Visual Arts)
Maeve O'Flaherty (Visual Arts)
Dervla O'Flaherty (Visual Arts)
Dónal O'Flynn (Music)
Bridget O'Gorman (Visual Arts)
Ian O'Gorman (Theatre)
Emma O'Grady (Theatre)
Rynagh O'Grady (Film and Television)
Conor O'Grady (Visual Arts)
Lucille O'Hagan
Terry O'Hagan
Katie O'Halloran
Áine O'Hara (Visual Arts)
Hubert O'Hearn (Literature)
Siobhan O'Hehir (Visual Arts)
Eimear O'Herlihy (Literature)
Matthew O'Kane (Visual Arts)
Patrick/ O'Kane (Theatre)
Will O'Kane (Visual Arts)
Deirdre O'kane (Theatre)
Fiona O'Keeffe (Visual Arts)
Rory O'keeffe (Music)
Katie O'Kelly (Theatre)
Donal O'Kelly (Theatre)
Dee O'Leary
Kasia O'Leary (Visual Arts)
Mike O'Leary (Film and Television)
Cormac O'Leary (Visual Arts)
Kathleen O'Leary (Visual Arts)
Sinéad O'Leary (Visual Arts)
James O'Leary (Literature)
Clair O'leary (Visual Arts)
Erin O'Leary (Theatre)
Niall O'Loughlin
Ruth O'Loughlin
Cally O'Loughlin (Visual Arts)
Declan O'Mahony (Visual Arts)
Sandra O'Mahony (Music)
Deirdre O'Mahony (Visual Arts)
Nessa O'Mahony (Literature)
Molly O'Mahony (Music)
Jennifer O'Malley (Music)
Evelyn O'Malley (Theatre)
Caoimhe O'Malley (Theatre)
Fiona O'Malley (Theatre)
Niamh O'Malley (Film and Television)
Barbara O'Meara (Visual Arts)
Síofra O'Meara (Theatre)
Katie O'Neill (Visual Arts)
John O'Neill (Literature)
Ciara O'Neill (Visual Arts)
Mandy O'Neill (Visual Arts)
Rose O'Neill (Visual Arts)
Hugh O'Neill (Music)
Liam O'Neill (Film and Television)
Maeve O'Neill (Visual Arts)
Beth O'Rafferty (Theatre)
Reddy O'Regan (Visual Arts)
Rosie O'Regan (Theatre)
Shane O'Regan (Theatre)
Ethna O'Regan (Visual Arts)
Eamonn O'Regan (Music)
Caitriona O'Reilly (Literature)
Emer O'Reilly
Kerrie O'Reilly (Theatre)
Paul O'Reilly (Visual Arts)
Oliver O'Reilly (Film and Television)
Alma O'Reilly (Film and Television)
Shane O'Reilly (Theatre)
Audrey O'Reilly (Film and Television)
Emma O'Reilly (Music)
Beth O'Reilly (Music)
Frances O'Reilly (Visual Arts)
Cait O'Riordan (Music)
Kathryn O'riordan
Catriona O'Rourke (Visual Arts)
Alan O'Rourke (Music)
Geraldine O'Rourke (Visual Arts)
Jamie O'Rourke (Film and Television)
Faye O'Rourke (Music)
Bernard O'Rourke (Literature)
Toni O'Rourke (Theatre)
Lily O'Shea (Visual Arts)
Colm O'Shea (Literature)
Mick O'Shea (Visual Arts)
Ryan O'Sullivan (Music)
Rob O'Sullivan
Robert O'Sullivan
Dairne O'Sullivan
Conor O'Sullivan (Visual Arts)
Anna O'Sullivan (Visual Arts)
Jennifer O'Sullivan (Visual Arts)
Sarah O'Sullivan (Literature)
Fergal O'Sullivan (Visual Arts)
Tadhg O'Sullivan (Film and Television)
Leanne O'Sullivan (Literature)
Helen O'Sullivan-Tyrrell (Visual Arts)
Helen O'Toole (Visual Arts)
Tina O'Toole (Literature)
Sarah O'Toole (Theatre)
kiera O'Toole (Visual Arts)
Kate O'Toole (Theatre)
Kate O'Toole (Film and Television)
Isabella Oberlander (Dance)
Isolde ÓBrolcháin Carmody (Theatre)
Louis Oconnell (Visual Arts)
Maria & Carole of Zrazy (Music)
Niamh Oh (Visual Arts)
Lolene OHara (Visual Arts)
Jenny Oleary
Robin Oree (Literature)
Niamh OReilly (Film and Television)
Aled Owen-Thomas (Visual Arts)
Damien Owens (Film and Television)
Alida Ozolina (Visual Arts)
Edna O’Brien (Literature)
Abigail O’Brien (Visual Arts)
Breandan O’Broin (Literature)
Joe O’Byrne (Theatre)
Liam O’Callaghan (Visual Arts)
Eilis O’Connell (Visual Arts)
Joseph O’Connor (Literature)
Colette O’Connor (Literature)
Claire O’Connor (Literature)
Sinéad O'Connor (Music)
Mick O’Dea (Visual Arts)
Sheila O'Donnell (Architecture)
Mary O'Donnell (Literature)
Mary O’Donnell (Literature)
Gwen O’Dowd (Visual Arts)
Julia O’Faolain (Literature)
Sheila O’Flanagan (Literature)
Mark O’Halloran (Theatre)
Mairead O’hEocha (Visual Arts)
Gina O’Kelly (Visual Arts)
Donal O’Kelly (Theatre)
Alannah O’Kelly (Visual Arts)
Mark O’Kelly (Visual Arts)
Rachel-Rose O'Leary (Visual Arts)
Niamh O’Malley (Visual Arts)
Mary O’Malley (Literature)
Rory O'Neill (Theatre)
Sean O’Reilly (Literature)
Geraldine O’Reilly (Visual Arts)
Mark O’Rowe (Theatre)
Patrick O'Sullivan (Literature)
Shane O’Toole (Architecture)
Giles Packham (Music)
Livia Paldi (Visual Arts)
julia pallone (Visual Arts)
Mary Palmer (Visual Arts)
Joseph Panama (Music)
Dorone Paris (Music)
Andrew Park (Music)
Lynne Parker (Theatre)
Siobhán Parkinson (Literature)
Michael Parle (Film and Television)
Tim Parrett
rachel parry (Visual Arts)
Yana Patrakova (Theatre)
Glenn Patterson (Literature)
keith payne (Literature)
Deborah Pearce
Holly Pereira (Visual Arts)
Michella Perera (Visual Arts)
Peter Perie
Carl Perkins (Visual Arts)
Paul Perry (Literature)
Paul Perry (Literature)
Emma Petersson (Visual Arts)
gina petrea (Visual Arts)
Dermott Petty (Film and Television)
Lucy Phelan (Visual Arts)
Garrett Phelan (Visual Arts)
Sharon Phelan
Alan Phelan (Visual Arts)
laurent philippe
Áine Phillips (Visual Arts)
Louise Phillips (Literature)
Sinead Pierce
Janet pierce (Visual Arts)
David Pierce
Sarah Pierce (Visual Arts)
Sarah Pierce (Visual Arts)
Alison Pilkington (Visual Arts)
Alison Pilkington (Visual Arts)
Henry pim (Visual Arts)
Paula Piotrowska (Visual Arts)
Tina Pisco (Literature)
Irene Plazewska (Visual Arts)
David Plunkett (Film and Television)
Orla Poole (Visual Arts)
Edwin Pope (Music)
Kim V Porcelli (Music)
Mary Porter (Dance)
Atoosa Pour Hosseini (Visual Arts)
Lily Power (Music)
Brigid Mae Power (Music)
Andrew Power
Claire Power (Visual Arts)
Fran Power (Film and Television)
Róisín Power Hackett (Visual Arts)
Sheila Pratschke
Kathy Prendergast (Visual Arts)
Chris Prendergast
Eileen Prendiville
Gavin Prior (Music)
Aimee Prizeman (Music)
Elaine Prunty (Visual Arts)
Gregory Purcell (Music)
Clara Purcell (Theatre)
Therese Purcell (Visual Arts)
Sarah Purcell (Theatre)
EL Putnam (Visual Arts)
Christine Pybus (Visual Arts)
Luke Pyke-Terrett (Literature)
michael Quane (Visual Arts)
Jennifer Quigley (Visual Arts)
John Quigley
sarah Quigley (Visual Arts)
Linda Quinlan (Visual Arts)
Siobhra Quinlan (Music)
clare quinlan
Bob Quinn (Film and Television)
Marian Quinn (Film and Television)
Bairbre Quinn (Film and Television)
Dylan Quinn (Visual Arts)
Caitlin Quinn (Visual Arts)
Lorna Quinn (Theatre)
Karl Quinn (Theatre)
Aideen Quirke (Visual Arts)
Liz Quirke (Literature)
Anna Rackard (Film and Television)
Liz Rackard (Visual Arts)
Natalie Radmall-Quirke (Theatre)
is raftery (Visual Arts)
Sue Rainsford (Literature)
Rouzbeh Rashidi (Film and Television)
Kelly Ratchford (Visual Arts)
Stephen Rea (Film and Television)
Marty Rea (Theatre)
Aoife Read (Literature)
Ben Readman (Visual Arts)
Elizabeth Reapy (Literature)
Declan Recks (Film and Television)
Clodagh Redden (Visual Arts)
Joseph Reddin (Music)
Darren Redding (Visual Arts)
Niall Reddy
Noel Redican
Christine Redmond (Visual Arts)
Marie Redmond
Lucille Redmond (Literature)
Brendan Redmond (Architecture)
Alex Reece Abbott (Literature)
Gemma Reeves (Theatre)
Morna Regan (Theatre)
Paul Regan (Visual Arts)
Ciara Reid (Visual Arts)
Peter Reid (Theatre)
Jessica Reid
Melanie Reidy (Visual Arts)
Sarah Reidy
Donna Patrice Reidy (Theatre)
Zita Reihill (Visual Arts)
Fiona Reilly (Visual Arts)
Miles Reilly (Visual Arts)
Alice Rekab (Visual Arts)
annalise ren (Visual Arts)
Portia Reynolds (Architecture)
Elaine Reynolds (Visual Arts)
hilary reynolds (Film and Television)
Paul Rhatigan (Visual Arts)
Brian Rice (Music)
Maria Rice (Architecture)
Amanda Rice (Visual Arts)
charlotte richards
Amy Richardson (Visual Arts)
Mark Richardson
Eva Richardson McCrea (Visual Arts)
Annabell Rickerby (Film and Television)
Jim Ricks (Visual Arts)
Keith Ridgway (Literature)
Joe Rigby (Film and Television)
Marcella Riordan (Theatre)
Arthur Riordan (Theatre)
Megan Riordan (Theatre)
JJ Riordan (Music)
Nicola Roantree (Literature)
Emily Robards (Visual Arts)
Kim Roberts (Visual Arts)
Emer Roberts (Visual Arts)
Clare Robertson (Theatre)
Padraig Robinson (Visual Arts)
Máire T. Robinson (Literature)
Vanessa Robinson (Film and Television)
Megan Robinson (Visual Arts)
Anne Robinson
Zoe Rocha (Film and Television)
Jenny Roche (Film and Television)
Stewart Roche (Theatre)
Emma Roche (Visual Arts)
Aisling Roche (Visual Arts)
Lara Roche (Visual Arts)
Liz Roche (Dance)
Almha Roche (Visual Arts)
Vivienne Roche (Visual Arts)
Jenny Roche (Dance)
Billy Roche (Theatre)
Nancy Rochford-Flynn (Visual Arts)
Fergal Rock (Film and Television)
Julia Roddy (Film and Television)
Owen Roe (Theatre)
Louise Roe (Architecture)
Ben Rogan (Film and Television)
John Rogers (Theatre)
Nigel Rolfe (Visual Arts)
Olivia Romao (Film and Television)
Saoirse Ronan (Film and Television)
Cian Ronayne
Gene Rooney (Theatre)
Fi Rooney (Visual Arts)
Declan Rooney
Rebecca Roper (Film and Television)
Mark Roper (Literature)
Leopoldo Rosa (Music)
Donna Rose (Visual Arts)
Orna Ross (Literature)
chris rothery (Music)
Sima Rouholamin (Architecture)
Nicole Rourke (Theatre)
Marolly Rowan (Visual Arts)
Robyn Rowland (Literature)
Paul Rowley (Film and Television)
Thomas Rowley (Film and Television)
Paul Roy (Visual Arts)
Dee Roycroft (Film and Television)
Marie Ruane (Theatre)
The Rubberbandits (Visual Arts)
Dave Rudden (Literature)
Therry Rudin (Visual Arts)
Noelia Ruiz (Theatre)
Noelia Ruiz (Theatre)
Sean Rushe (Visual Arts)
Loreana Rushe (Visual Arts)
Ann Russell (Theatre)
Ann Russell (Film and Television)
Alice Russell (Film and Television)
Mary Russell (Literature)
Orla Russell-Conway (Film and Television)
Edwin Ryan (Visual Arts)
Frances Ryan (Visual Arts)
Aidan Ryan
Mike Ryan (Visual Arts)
Sarah K Ryan (Visual Arts)
Jonathan Ryan (Theatre)
Kate Ryan (Visual Arts)
Lucy Ryan (Theatre)
Ciarnad Ryan (Visual Arts)
Orla Ryan (Visual Arts)
Annie Ryan (Theatre)
James Ryan (Literature)
Judith Ryan (Theatre)
Dearbhla Ryan (Visual Arts)
Holly Ryan (Theatre)
Jonathan Ryan (Film and Television)
Tom Ryan (Film and Television)
Annette Ryan (Theatre)
Ger Ryan (Film and Television)
Kieran Ryan (Visual Arts)
Mary Ryan (Theatre)
Eimear Ryan (Literature)
Ann Ryan (Visual Arts)
Avril Ryan (Theatre)
Eoin Ryan (Music)
Ronan Ryan (Literature)
Danny Ryan
Patrick Ryan (Film and Television)
Lucie Ryan Donnelly (Theatre)
Catherine Ryan Howard (Literature)
Bruce Ryder (Film and Television)
Jonathan Sammon (Visual Arts)
Edwin Sammon
Sven Sandberg (Visual Arts)
Ana Silvia Santos (Visual Arts)
Victoria Sargent (Literature)
Sophia Satchell-Baeza (Film and Television)
John Saunders (Literature)
Eva C Scanlan (Theatre)
Patricia Scanlan (Literature)
Vanessa Scanlon
Pauline Scanlon (Music)
Geri Schear (Literature)
Benedict Schlepper-Connolly (Music)
Baerbel Schlueter
Aoife Scott (Visual Arts)
Aoife Scott (Music)
Dane Scott (Literature)
Louise Scovell (Visual Arts)
Joh Scully
Nicola Scully (Literature)
Serena Scully
Leda Scully (Visual Arts)
Dean Scurry
Una Sealy (Visual Arts)
jijo sebastian (Film and Television)
Daniel Seery (Literature)
gaynor seville (Visual Arts)
Saoirse Sexton (Visual Arts)
Stephen Sexton (Literature)
Rowan Sexton (Visual Arts)
Dermot Seymour (Visual Arts)
Samantha Shaffer (Literature)
Declan Shalvey (Visual Arts)
Mick Shanahan (Music)
Niall Shanahan
Pauline Shanahan (Theatre)
Darragh Shanahan (Visual Arts)
Ciaran Shanahan (Film and Television)
Julie Shanley (Music)
Martin Shannon (Visual Arts)
Julie Sharkey (Theatre)
Kim Sharkey (Visual Arts)
Orla Sharp (Visual Arts)
Varvara Shavrova (Visual Arts)
Fiona Shaw (Theatre)
Deborah Sheedy (Visual Arts)
Dan Sheehan (Literature)
Michael Sheehan (Film and Television)
Michael Sheehan (Film and Television)
Jessica Sheil (Visual Arts)
Fiona Sheil (Theatre)
Peter Shelley (Visual Arts)
Louise Shelley (Visual Arts)
maeve sheridan (Theatre)
Peter Sheridan (Literature)
Jim Sheridan (Film and Television)
Caitriona Sherlock (Music)
paddy sherlock (Music)
Linda Shevlin (Visual Arts)
sonia shiel (Visual Arts)
Phillip Shiels (Visual Arts)
Sarah Jane Shiels (Theatre)
Maura Shine (Visual Arts)
Alan Shine (Architecture)
Una Shinners (Film and Television)
Violet Shirran (Visual Arts)
Everything Shook (Music)
Constance Short (Visual Arts)
Gaye Shortland (Literature)
Carole Shubotham (Visual Arts)
Donal Siggins (Music)
janice simmons (Literature)
Maria Simonds-Gooding (Visual Arts)
Jürgen Simpson (Music)
Peter Sirr (Literature)
Sharon Skerritt (Film and Television)
Lydia Smails
Mike Smart
Dorothy Smith (Visual Arts)
Tamisya Smith
Jennifer Smith (Visual Arts)
Eoin Smith (Film and Television)
John Noel Smith (Visual Arts)
Naomi Smith (Visual Arts)
Kieron Smith (Theatre)
Aoife Smith (Theatre)
Dudley Smith (Visual Arts)
Barry Smullen (Music)
Gerard Smyth (Literature)
Aaron Smyth (Music)
Sinead Smyth (Visual Arts)
Ailbhe Smyth
Lisa Smyth (Theatre)
michael snoek (Visual Arts)
Tamsin Snow (Visual Arts)
Anna Snyder (Literature)
Maija Sofia (Music)
Brian Solon (Music)
karl somers (Visual Arts)
Maria Somerville (Music)
Camille Souter (Visual Arts)
Una Spain (Visual Arts)
Anna Spearman (Visual Arts)
Jessica Spencer (Literature)
Aoife Spillane-Hinks (Theatre)
Will St Leger (Visual Arts)
Philip St. John (Literature)
Trish Stacke Kelly (Visual Arts)
David Stalling (Music)
Katie Standen (Literature)
Stano Stano (Music)
Aaron Stapleton (Visual Arts)
Stephen Staunton (Film and Television)
Roslyn Steer (Music)
Gerard Stembridge (Theatre)
Amy Stephenson (Film and Television)
Molly Sterling (Music)
Jan Stewart (Music)
Amilia Stewart (Film and Television)
Beatrice Stewart (Visual Arts)
Michaela Stewart (Literature)
Frances Tara Stirling Home Drummond Moray (Literature)
Mary Stokes (Music)
Michael Stone (Theatre)
Maeve Stone (Theatre)
Kathy Strachan (Film and Television)
Lórcan Strain (Theatre)
Kate Strain (Visual Arts)
Sarah Street (Film and Television)
Jessica Stuart
Hayley K. Stuart (Visual Arts)
joan sugrue (Visual Arts)
Deirdre Sullivan (Literature)
Sadhbh Sullivan
Colm Summers (Theatre)
Vicki Sutherland (Visual Arts)
Slavka Sverakova (Visual Arts)
Frank Sweeney (Music)
Eamon Sweeney
Miriam Sweeney (Visual Arts)
Andrew Sweeney
Karen Gillece Sweeney (Literature)
Katie Sweeney (Film and Television)
Tom Swift (Theatre)
Sarah Swinburne (Literature)
Alex Synge (Visual Arts)
Cathal Synnott (Music)
Declan Synnott (Music)
Shane Synnott (Visual Arts)
Heidi Talbot (Music)
Dion Tallant
Anne Tallentire (Visual Arts)
Sophia Tamburrini (Film and Television)
Rosaleen Tanham (Visual Arts)
Joyce Tansey (Visual Arts)
Emily Tarleton
Siobhan Tattab (Visual Arts)
Sean Taylor
Ciaran Taylor (Visual Arts)
Tilly Taylor (Theatre)
Donald Taylor Black (Film and Television)
Maria Tecce (Music)
Nicky Teegan (Visual Arts)
Gerda Teljeur (Visual Arts)
Donald Teskey (Visual Arts)
Lucy Tevlin (Visual Arts)
James Thomas (Literature)
Niall Thomas (Music)
Dan Thompson (Visual Arts)
Sarah Ellen Thompson (Music)
Joanna Thompson (Visual Arts)
Elke Thönnes (Visual Arts)
Kerri Thornton (Visual Arts)
Kiera Thornton (Literature)
Dominic Thorpe (Visual Arts)
Gill Thorpe
Yvonne Thunder
Olga Tiernan
Eleanor Tiernan
Marie Tierney (Theatre)
Lisa Tierney-Keogh (Theatre)
Dylan Tighe (Music)
Michael Timmins (Visual Arts)
Chris Timms (Visual Arts)
Cliodhna Timoney (Visual Arts)
Cullen Timothy (Music)
Gemma Tipton (Visual Arts)
Jesse Tobin (Visual Arts)
Helena Tobin (Visual Arts)
Colm Tóibín (Literature)
Grace Toland (Music)
Susan Tomaselli (Literature)
Gianna Tasha Tomasso (Visual Arts)
Oisin Tormey (Literature)
Derrick Towell (Visual Arts)
Danielle Townsend (Visual Arts)
Mary Tracey
Anne Tracey
Eamon Travers (Music)
Alan Travers (Film and Television)
Mella Travers (Visual Arts)
Jessica Traynor (Literature)
Billie Traynor (Theatre)
Donal Traynor
sarah trefkorn (Visual Arts)
Padraig Trehy (Film and Television)
Willam Trevor (Literature)
Simon Trilly (Visual Arts)
Jennifer Trouton (Visual Arts)
Sinead Troy (Music)
Laura Trueman (Visual Arts)
Bonny Tsang (Literature)
Thomas Tully (Visual Arts)
Hilary Tully (Visual Arts)
Elysia Tuohy (Visual Arts)
Daniel Tuomey (Visual Arts)
John Tuomey (Architecture)
Connie Turner
Sara Turner (Visual Arts)
David Turpin (Music)
Fiona Twamly-Hewitt (Film and Television)
Keike Twisselmann (Visual Arts)
karen twomey (Film and Television)
Dola Twomey (Visual Arts)
Olaf Tyaransen (Literature)
Derek Tynan (Architecture)
Kathy Tynan (Visual Arts)
Grainne Tynan (Visual Arts)
Dave Tynan (Film and Television)
sarah tynan (Visual Arts)
Rachel Tynan (Visual Arts)
Therese Tynan (Visual Arts)
Erika Tyner (Visual Arts)
Charles Tyrrell (Visual Arts)
Irene Uhlemann (Visual Arts)
Tomi Ungerer (Visual Arts)
Aria Ungerer (Film and Television)
David Upton (Visual Arts)
Alessandra Usai (Film and Television)
Sarah Usher (Visual Arts)
Pilar Valencia (Film and Television)
Caoimhin Vallely (Music)
Niall Vallely (Music)
Aoife Valley (Visual Arts)
Wilhelmina van der Bent (Visual Arts)
Trudi van der Elsen (Visual Arts)
Clea van der Grijn (Visual Arts)
Finn van Gelderen (Film and Television)
Erica Van Horn (Visual Arts)
Annique van Niekerk (Dance)
Hanneke van Ryswyk (Visual Arts)
Jack Van Zandt (Music)
Tracie Vance (Film and Television)
Mieke Vanmechelen (Visual Arts)
Karen Vaughan (Visual Arts)
Suzannah Vaughan (Visual Arts)
Shane Vaughan (Literature)
Mick Veale
Agatha Veale (Visual Arts)
Annette Vella (Visual Arts)
Chiara Viale (Film and Television)
Ellyse Adele Vitiello
Kevin Volans (Music)
Anya von Gosseln
Daniel Wade (Literature)
john waid (Visual Arts)
R Wakefield (Visual Arts)
Ailbhe Wakefield-Drohan (Theatre)
Cian Walker (Visual Arts)
Joe Walker (Visual Arts)
Una Walker (Visual Arts)
Corban Walker (Visual Arts)
Mairead Wall (Visual Arts)
Aidan Wall (Visual Arts)
William Wall (Literature)
sharon wall
Alan Wall (Visual Arts)
Breda Wall Ryan (Literature)
Jean Wallace (Music)
Sinead Wallace (Theatre)
Kate Walsh (Visual Arts)
Suzanne Walsh (Literature)
Dan Walsh (Music)
Margaret Walsh (Visual Arts)
Eileen Walsh (Film and Television)
Andy Walsh (Music)
Dearbhla Walsh (Film and Television)
Helena Walsh (Visual Arts)
Sarah Walsh (Visual Arts)
John Walsh (Literature)
Suzanne Walsh (Visual Arts)
Alice Walsh (Literature)
Amy Walsh (Visual Arts)
Isabella Walsh (Visual Arts)
Gillian Walsh (Visual Arts)
Francesca Walsh (Literature)
Astrid Walsh (Visual Arts)
Enda Walsh (Theatre)
Jennifer Walshe (Music)
Ed Walshe
Lorcan Walshe (Visual Arts)
dolores walshe (Literature)
Samuel Walshe (Visual Arts)
Caroline Walshe (Visual Arts)
Patrick Walshe (Visual Arts)
Louise Walshe (Visual Arts)
Chanelle Walshe (Visual Arts)
Fionn Walton (Theatre)
Michael Wann (Visual Arts)
Aoife Ward (Visual Arts)
Kate Warner (Visual Arts)
Greta Warren
Hannah Warren (Visual Arts)
Michael Warren (Visual Arts)
Frank Wasser (Visual Arts)
Emily Waszak
Alison Waters (Visual Arts)
Debbie Watkins (Visual Arts)
Sharon Watters
Natasha Waugh (Film and Television)
Sarah Webb (Literature)
Olga Wehrly (Film and Television)
Tommy Weir (Film and Television)
Grace Weir (Visual Arts)
Eric Weitz (Theatre)
Lee Welch (Visual Arts)
Alan Wells (Visual Arts)
Grace Wells (Literature)
Clive Welsh (Dance)
Michael West (Theatre)
Louise West (Visual Arts)
Cory West
Annie West (Visual Arts)
Mary West (Visual Arts)
Mary West
Michael West (Visual Arts)
Shona Weymes (Theatre)
Barbara Wheeler-Cnnolly (Visual Arts)
Lorraine Whelan (Visual Arts)
Gill Whelan (Visual Arts)
Tina Whelan (Visual Arts)
Michael John Whelan (Visual Arts)
Dave whelan (Visual Arts)
Lisa Whelan (Film and Television)
Roisin White (Visual Arts)
Louise White (Theatre)
Ali White (Theatre)
Eleanor White (Visual Arts)
Maureen White (Theatre)
Fiona White (Theatre)
Jonathan White (Theatre)
Sharon White (Visual Arts)
Adrian White (Literature)
Irene Carmel Whyte (Visual Arts)
Lorraine Whyte
Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll (Visual Arts)
Ian Wieczorek (Visual Arts)
Grace Wilentz (Literature)
Clodagh Wiley (Visual Arts)
Garry Wiley
Tracey Wilkinson (Music)
Caroline Williams (Theatre)
Dawn Williams (Visual Arts)
Karen Williams (Music)
Gareth Williams
Wendy Williams
Clare Willis
Grainne Wilson (Visual Arts)
anne wilson (Visual Arts)
Steve Wilson (Film and Television)
Chris Wilson (Visual Arts)
Lauren Wilson (Visual Arts)
Rosy Wilson (Literature)
Becky-Anne Wilson (Visual Arts)
Edel Wilson (Visual Arts)
Ian Wilson (Music)
Hilary Wilson (Visual Arts)
Rebecca Wise (Visual Arts)
Sarah Wood (Theatre)
Ruth Wood (Visual Arts)
jeanne woodcraft (Visual Arts)
Leanne Woodfull
Jeannine Woods (Film and Television)
Eve Woods (Visual Arts)
Eve Woods (Visual Arts)
Vincent Woods (Literature)
Denise Woods (Visual Arts)
Jenny Wren (Music)
Jenny Wright (Literature)
Daphne Wright (Visual Arts)
Marion Wyatt (Theatre)
Laura Wyatt O'Keeffe (Theatre)
Enda Wyley (Literature)
Niamh Wynne (Film and Television)
Susan Wynne (Visual Arts)
Dimitra Xidous (Literature)
martin yelverton (Visual Arts)
Oonagh Young (Visual Arts)
Sean Zissou (Film and Television)
Gosia Zur (Film and Television)